Rising Sun

This morning, I woke up inspired. A cool breeze floated through the window, the sun was inviting me to play, and the whole day was waiting for me to mold it into whatever I wanted. So many thoughts + things to do were bubbling through my mind; I jumped out of bed, threw on my headphones, and turned on a *Songs For Sunday* playlist as I hoped over to Starbucks for a Pumpkin Spice Latte. 

And here I sit, typing these thoughts, as I sip on my coffee & listen to music. My day will consist of visiting the Renegade Craft Fair, phone calls to family members, planning next week's blog posts, and hanging with my favorite person Doug.

Happy Sunday! I hope you woke up today & smiled at the rising sun.


  1. oh fun! i was at the renegade craft fair too! there was so much to see - hope you had fun!!

  2. I love that feeling of energy and inspiration. Wish I could wake up feeling like that every morning!


  3. Your first month or two blogging is amazing! So inspirational :-)
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