Bachelorette Gifts That Don't Involve Penises

Yes, I said "Penis" in the title of this post. I'm not going to lie, I felt weird typing it. This blog is, after all, about all things charming. I guess there's an exception for everything.

This weekend I'm headed to Lake Geneva for a bachelorette party. While I recognize that underwear & erect straws are a norm at this type of event, I'd like to offer up some alternative {and affordable} gift ideas for the bride-to-be. 

I've yet to be a bride but I imagine it's fun to receive "outside the box" gifts like pampering lotions, humorous totes & t-shirts, or personalized hangers.

Of course, I'd also welcome some fabulous lingerie. 
...And maybe a penis straw or two.

6. Bride Koozie - $9.95
9. Personalized Hanger - $17.99
10. Bachelorette Tote Bag - $15.99

Have a great weekend!
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  1. i'm currently planning my best friend's bridal shower and i plan on giving her some lingerie but i would also like to give something not so risque. thanks for the ideas!

  2. I really like the idea of that hanger! Have a fun weekend!

  3. haha love this! that was the #1 rule for my bachelorette. no peen paraphernalia. these gift ideas are so cute!

  4. Really classey and cute ideas.

  5. So cute! I love that Philosophy set.

  6. My bachelorette party wasn't filled with penis's either, so I totally get it. Have fun!

  7. Great ideas! I'm not one for the penis stuff either. Did a whole peacock theme for my friend's bachelorette a few months ago, classy & fun!

  8. I actually love some of these ideas for bachelorette gifts. My best friend's party is coming up in a few months and I think she would really like that Philosophy pamper kit. The packagaing is adorable!

  9. The title of this is hilarious haha but the gifts are adorable :)

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    We also have a giveaway open at http://prettysquared.blogspot.com/2012/10/elf-disney-maleficent-giveaway.html

    Stay pretty, Miranda M. and Mackenzie M.

  10. Hi ! I would love a whole basket of candles and Essie nail polish for mine next year :)

    LOve Chrissi xo


    ps thanks for your comment on my blog ... i love the chandelier too I just need to convince my other half !!!

  11. I'm loving the no penis theme!:)


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