Jeans :: From Day to Night

As my go-to, I can be found in jeans 80% of the time. They exude all that I strive for my personal style to reflect: comfortable & versatile yet chic & classic. The best part about jeans is that their look can be altered depending on what you pair them with.

While perusing the city this weekend with my family, I needed to wear an outfit that was practical for walking around all day. However, I knew I would be going out later with friends, so I wanted to make sure my outfit could quickly and easily be transformed from day to night. 

My daytime look included a jean top from J-Crew (Oye - where was my iron?), a multi-strand necklace + simple gold earrings, black belt & tall black boots. 

My outfit was transformed to "night" within 5 minutes. I let down my bun, put on some lipstick, threw on a blouse and swapped my black boots for tan ankle-boots (Both from Francesca's).

...And there you have it! Jeans, from day to night. 

PS -- how perfectly fall + lovely is this Chicago scene?


  1. What a cute outfit change! I'm also a huge jean lover and I totally agree that a quick top change and some new makeup can take you to the next level.

  2. you are too adorable! love the J. Crew denim shirt

  3. Now that I work a 9-5er, I can't wear jeans as often as I'd like! They are perfect for the day to night transition for sure1

    holly foxen wells

  4. Super cute! Loving that JCREW denim shirt! So jealous of that picture. Southern Cali's weather has me still in my summer shorts and dresses!

  5. Saw your comment on my blog so I checked your out and I'm glad I did. Chicago is somewhere I would really like to visit, I have never been! I followed you also :)

    Lyndsay @ theallmylove.blogspot.com

  6. what a great post! I love how to styled both outfits, jeans will always be a staple and never out of style!


  7. love me some double denim!!

  8. love these looks and love your pics! a great take on the traditional outfit posts!

  9. I love that jeans are so easy to dress up or down. Once you find a good pair, you can make a zillion outfits! These outfits are so cute–I love the chambray-on-denim combo!

    The Glossy Life

  10. Gorgeous! I just came across your blog and I love it.

    I have to say, I love how you pulled off the denim top with your jeans. I have been curious how to make that work, thinking it looks like TOO much denim in one outfit... but you pulled it off perfectly!

  11. Love the looks and the pics!


  12. Couple of things. (:

    1. I completely agree, i adore jeans. I even wear them in the summer though I live in Florida. Only hard part is finding the right pair that fits just right you know?

    2. I love the quote you gave me on my blog. <3 Thanks for sharing it. :) My day improved.

    3. I love the Chicago Fall picture, gorgeous. And i love your blog(:

  13. I love this post! I live in jeans, so I am happy seeing your love for jeans as well :) I was so excited that it was jeans week at work - so I'm going to have to take your style advice this week


  14. Love this! I am all over jeans; top or bottom, I love it all! Love your look and those booties are too cute! I might have to grab a pair myself.

  15. Great post! I would live in jeans if my work allowed it! Great family pic!

  16. Loving the denim shirt in the daytime look! <3

  17. This blog post is so beautifully put together! I love it! You look great!!!


  18. Oh my gosh!! I love this post! I wear jeans all of the time. I love your day & night looks. Also, love all of the quotes:)
    xx, amy

  19. i love jeans too. my favourite is when they're paired with a tee and a cool pair of shoes/boots. effortlessly cool.
    love your denim on denim look. x


  20. Amazing blog!
    Follow each other?


    All the best!

  21. I could live in my jeans. And I like how versatile they are. You're totally right - sometimes, just a bit of color on the lips is all you need to heighten the look. Love your necklace!


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