Layered Frames

I recently came across a unique frame set up. The display, which I saw in a boutique store, featured paintings in large frames that were layered on top of one another. I've seen this done on a very rare occasion - typically when you see large frames, they are used sparingly.

I love the mix-and-match of different styles. With 2 landscape & 2 portrait layouts, the sizes work well together. Because they are spread out, you are still able to still see most of the imagery despite the layering. 

I have a few large frames stacked in my closet, waiting for me to move out of my tiny studio. Thinking a look like this would be really cool to play with once I have more room.

What do you think? Do you think the large-layered-frame look is too busy?


  1. hey thanks for the comment! new follower! i love the large layered frame look. i actually have some frames i didn't know what to do with and didn't want to throw them away.

  2. I love the layered frame look - personally, if I were to display this in my own home, I would let the frames be the eclectic part & switch out the images to be coordinating in a same color palette or aesthetic. That's just my constant need for balance, though ;) Thanks so much for following me...I am happy to follow along here now! XO brynn

  3. such a cute look!! i need to try layered framing and not always hanging them on the wall.

  4. what a great idea - these look stunning!!!

  5. As an art consultant (woop woop! How often can I drop THAT!?) I've got to say that the layered look is HOT right now. Be careful to have a little "grip tack" of some sort under your frames so that they don't come crashing down!


  6. I love this look! I've done mixed frames on a wall before, but never stacking them like this. It's definitely a cool look!

    The Glossy Life

  7. Love the layering! I need a mantle to layer my favorite photos on (or an empty wall, oops!). Thanks for sharing your fabulous decor


  8. I love the eclectic/bohemian look!

  9. I love that look, just wish I had a cooler mantle. Mine is blah!

  10. I love to layer frames, but I think it has to be done just right. I really like the ornate frames in this pic!!
    xx, amy

  11. Love this look, plus it makes it easy to switch out art with seasonal accessories as they aren't actually hung on the wall!


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