Let's Talk About: Political Debates

With the first Presidential Debate hot on the scene, it’s no secret that politics are on the minds of Americans across the country. Last night’s debate was a classic example of what I dislike most about politics: It’s all smoke and mirrors.

Now, this post is not about right or left. It’s not about my opinions, beliefs or party affiliation. It’s simply meant to voice a concern on the nature of our political system, and how WE determine who the leader of our country will be.

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 Here’s the truth: Facts and stats can be twisted and turned. You can argue issues until you’re blue in the face; there will always (and should) be another side to the coin. There are a breadth of issues that no few hours could begin to cover. And those “debates”? They are well-rehearsed skits that speechwriters help to pull together. Salesmanship, if you will.

Ready for the brutal truth? We, the people, only know what the media and politicians tell us. (Unless you are a master researcher, in which case 1. Kudos and 2. How do you have the time?) This is true regarding politics, the economy, and wars. Can you imagine the depth of knowledge that the white house has in their wheelhouse that we will never know? I guarantee that the first day the President walks into the Oval Office he braces himself for a week-long meeting in which the REAL truth is exposed. (I totally sound like a conspiracy theorist!)

So, all that said, what do I look for in a candidate? Definitely not who performed best in an hour-long zing-fest. I look for character.

I look for the candidate will I believe make the best decisions for the country, based on the information they know, and in the most effective way possible. I look for the person who has practiced the best morals throughout their career. I seek the candidate that truly seems to care and isn’t out for a political (ha!) agenda. I look for someone diplomatic and fair, even when debating.

Sure, I have opinions on health care reform, education, and tax breaks. The issues discussed are hugely important, and ultimately the candidate chosen will be leading in federal issues and thus knowing their stances are important as well. But when it comes down to it, the people still have a lot of control when country-altering decisions are being made. That’s what Congress (The Senate + House of Representatives) is for. We don’t operate on a dictatorship; there is no “I” in team. And I look for the candidate who knows and embraces this notion. 

Which is more than any impressive one-liner could ever do. 


  1. Those are awesome points. I know the debates can be really tiring because of all of the political rhetoric.

  2. I used to work in politics so it's something I'm pretty passionate about - but I'm really experiencing "political fatigue" this election cycle. Last night's debate was both overwhelming and disappointing. Is it November yet?

  3. totally agree with you here. i long ago gave up any party affiliation and make the decision based on which candidate aligns most closely with my values and opinions and which i think can do the most good for our country.

  4. This was a very cute post! I like the lighter side of politics.


  5. Ahahah that first picture is so true xD And you're absolutely right. Sometimes, to me, it feels as if politics is not so much about beliefs and so on but more on who is the better at engaging an audience while speaking publicly. And that shouldn't be what politics is about. But hey, sadly it is ;A;
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  6. I know what you mean, but I feel like one candidate is definitely a better choice for me. I just hope that people actually get out and vote. I'm always astounded by how many people just don't vote b/c they don't really like either candidate. Yet, maybe sit at home & complain about the state our nation is in.
    xo, amy

  7. Love this post. Exactly the reason why my head is spinning this election year. I'm almost sick at my stomach to be honest, but I'll vote with the information I feel that has led me in the right direction, and hope I'm right!


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