Coolest Kids on the Block

Growing up, I wasn't cool. 

Perhaps it was the lanky extremities that my body couldn't keep up with. My obsession with Michael Jordan, which ultimately led to a boy haircut & closet filled with basketball jerseys, didn't help. I personally blame it on the expander which enabled my mouth to look nothing short of the Grand Canyon. 

I can't believe I'm admitting this to the fashion blogging community. 

Regardless, there was one thing that was a constant on my tomboy feet: Sneakers. I'd run around with no fear of splashing mud & a complete lack of style. As a result, my lazer tag & capture the flag abilities continue to be nothing short of impressive. Bows would have never allowed me to develop such a useless skill set.
Shut up, you're both cool.
With Christmas on the horizon, I've naturally been browsing for the one perfect item that my closet is missing. 

Well, friends, I've found it. I want a pair of sneakers. Red Converse sneakers, to be exact. 

Sorry I'm not sorry, Vogue.
Is it nostalgia? Yes, of course. My expander got replaced by braces, middle school ended, and my basketball jerseys are long gone. Sneakers are all I've got to reminisce about the days of trail exploring & mud throwing. 

On a more fashionable note, I love Converse sneakers paired with skirts & skinny jeans alike. They are laid back & fun - the perfect downtown look. And, while I'm still awkward, they scream, "I'm hip. I can hang with the boys." I figure this alone would make me at least 5% cooler.

What do you think of Converse sneakers? 
Do you have a pair? If so, what color?

PS: If you're ever in Chicago & want to play capture the flag, you know who to call.


  1. I love my converse! Sometimes I just want to hang-no fancy heels, no flats, not even boots. When these moods hit I only wear my black converse. They're easy and go with every laid-back outfit I can make in my little mind.
    I really like the colored versions, but I went with black strictly so things didn't clash.

  2. Love Converse! I have a pair of white hi-tops that I studded out.

  3. I feel ya, lady...All I ever wore as a kid were sneakers, and I'm obsessed with my Converse now. I think I'm up to eight or nine pairs (embarrassing, I know). I love them!

    The Glossy Life

  4. I was a real, uncool emo kid in high school, so I had my fair share of All Stars back then - off-white high tops (favorite, still!), and black and cobalt blue low tops. My black pair have been absolutely wont into the ground and so, so loved. I wish I pulled out my high tops more these days - this post is definitely a mental note to start trying to style them into my less "gothy" outfits now that I've grown out of my high school persona (and style, thank god)!

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  6. ahh i love converse but my feet are so big and my legs are so short they look like clown shoes. it makes me so sad.

    also - hi! we met many many years ago at jess' house in michigan! i saw your IFB post and was like - that name looks familiar (b/c of facebook)! and then popped over! love your blog!

  7. I've been dying to get some black ones and add gold studs to them! I would totally rock them.

    Champagne Lifestyle on a Beer Budget

  8. haha! I was OBSESSED with Michael Jordan and went through the same phase. I've never been able to pull off the chuck taylor look though. I bought the all black ones, but feel I look weird in them. It's sad bc they look so cute on other people. Great post :) xo

  9. Haha, I think at one point every fashion blogger had an awkward moment, I sure did. But gotta love chucks, I just got a black pair in leather and I am in love without breaking the bank.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  10. I wore my red ones last week and felt like skipping all day! Aaaand got complements on em, go sneakers!

  11. Hey thanks for stopping by my blog & for your comment! I own a pair of classic black converse, but I haven't worn them in a while. I love the look for casual days, specially when worn with shorts like shown in the picture!

    I am following you on GFC, feel free to follow back :)


  12. I think I owned one pair of Cons in my life - I was more of a Keds and Adidas gal growing up. I def like the laidback cool vibe from Cons though!

  13. sneakers are comfy and stylish, but it's not really my thing :D

    I invite you to join my giveaway : Grand Prize Taylor Made Dress under $250 for you! :)

  14. I have a pair of black Converse sneakers, but have been hankerin' for a hot pink pair! They're always such a classic buy.


  15. I was the same in High School - awkwardly cool in my own way I would like to think? Probably not...haha

    I love a good pair of converse, and red was always my favorite color. I think we're kindred spirits :)


  16. Thank you for stopping by my blog! Love the converse - so comfy and retro :)

    Perhaps we can follow each other!

  17. love this!


  18. Hi darling!!!

    Thanx for visiting my blog.
    I love converse!!!! I own a pair of red ones that are like super old! but love it!! I recently bought a pair of white converse, they go with everything and they are super comfy!

    BTW I wasnt very stylish or comfortable in my own skin during my teens hehe :)


  19. Love sneakers!!!! I think a pair of high tops make anyone look cooler.

  20. My boyfriend still religiously wears his Converse! No shame :)

    ... just don't wear them to a concert because your feet will be KILLING YOU! Learned that the hard way.

  21. Black, grey, and RED converse!!! I love the high tops though. No considering on tryin' some. And, yes, I too, was a much tomboy in highschool too. In love with Pippins, Jordans, and basketball shorts! Even had Halle Berry short hair. Holy heck, that was so long ago. What a nice.... memory (not to be repeated)! lol


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