DIY: Life Is Beauty Full Tray

Who doesn't love a tray handmade with love?
As the holiday season approaches, this is perfect to bookmark as a gift idea {For others, or for yourself!}

For directions, read on!

Materials Needed:
1. 2 Sheets of decorative paper {I got mine from Paper Source, which is my go-to for all projects. Love their selection!}
2. Wood tray {You can find these at pretty much any craft store. The ones in the pictures are from Michael's.}
3. Paint & brushes {Make sure the paint colors you choose compliment the decorative paper}
4. Tacky Glue
5. Self-adhesive sticker for fabrics
6. Wood varnish {I used one with a matte finish}

1. Paint the outsides of the wood tray in the color that you choose. Let the paint dry completely. {I used one coat of paint, but you can use as many as you see fit}

2. Trace the board over the decorative paper that you want on the bottom of your tray. Cut out the shape, ensuring that your lines are straight. Use your tacky glue to glue the paper to the base of the tray. 

3. Take the self-adhesive sticker for fabrics and place it over top of the 2nd decorative paper. Cut the shape as close to the sticker as possible. Write your desired quote or wording on the paper with permanent marker. 

4. Use the tacky glue to adhere the sticker with the quote written on it to the base of the tray. I chose "Life Is Beauty Full".
5. After letting the glued decorative paper and paint dry completely, coat the entire tray (including the sides and bottom of the tray) with the varnish. Let dry. Repeat with however many coats of varnish you desire.


  1. These came out so cute! I may pocket this idea for myself as well as a nice homemade Christmas gift!

  2. What a great blog you have! These trays look really nice. A wonderful gift idea.


  3. great diy- going to have to bookmark this for when i move out :)

  4. So awsome. I love it :)
    btw. nice blog

    -follow each ?
    My blog

  5. these are awesome! perfect for the holiday season!


    Fashion Fractions

  6. This is such a great idea, Emily! They'd make great gifts, especially if you can customize them!

    The Glossy Life


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