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With a much overdue haircut on the horizon, I've been dabbling with the thought of getting bangs. I've seen so many cuts that I want to mimic but the truth is that a hairstyle never turns out how you imagine. It either far exceeds your expectations or falters drastically. 

I've had bangs in the past, and while I liked them, I hated how they were constantly in my face. What's worse, I have naturally oily skin, so my bangs looked really greasy attractive after a long day at work. 

But...on the other hand... they're just so. darn. cute. 

If I get them again, I'd have long bangs like Bridget Bardot's look above. I love how this style frames the face, and it would be a nice change from the blunt-bang look I've had in the past. Plus, this style is long enough to pin back should I be sans-shower for a day (Never happens, I swear...).

Do I dare?


  1. I think you would look cute with bangs! I had them when I was younger and then did side bangs in high school, but they just bothered the shit out of me (just like you said- always in your face, having to push them out of the way, etc.) Plus, I have wavy hair so it was hard to have bangs with wavy hair (straightening it every day is NOT good).

    I think if you can commit the time to style them, then go for it!

  2. I'm contemplating bangs too, every winter I do this. I say do it change is good and if you don't like it they grow out fast.

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  3. I have had bangs too and loved them for about 2 weeks then all I wanted was to clip them back (obviously i didnt). I say go for it but make sure you get them cut longer and almost like a side sweep so you have a few different options!

  4. i have bangs and LOVE them! go for it!

    XO Meghan

  5. I think you'd look awesome with bangs! I had full bangs in college, and I usually have side bangs more often than not (which are very easy to manage), but the full bangs got to be tough with my very curly hair, especially in the summer. It can't hurt to try–hair grows back!

    The Glossy Life

  6. bangs are always good for the non-wash days...
    ponytail, some dry shampoo, a spritz of water on the bangs, blowdry,
    good to go.

    gives some style to a normally boring 'do.

    xo - heather
    This Life Is Yours Blog

  7. I love my bangs but I am currently torn as to whether I should grow them out or not. Torture!

  8. I love bangs. They are seriously cute!! Especially if you have the face to rock them! And as my mother always told me, your hair will grow back :) So go for it!!!

    Happy Thursday!

    Redheaded Daybook

  9. I recently got bangs and they're literally so high maintenance but worth it cos they look amazing!!!


  10. I love bangs, but I agree that they never turn out quite how you expect. I've gotten them before and loved how they looked when I left the salon, but I can never seem to do them myself. If you have the time to style them everyday, I say go for it!

  11. I can't wait to see the pictures!

  12. Sure you dare, Emily! You know that you can always cut them if you don't like them! xo Diana

  13. If you cut them long enough, they are easy to pin back and grow out. I got some clip on bangs to try out. The color was not perfect but it gave me an idea of what I looked like with them. The result = not good. The cost = the same as cutting them but without the grow out time! :)

    xo, jill
    Classy with a Kick

  14. I've always loved the look of bangs, unfortunately I don't think I really pull them off well. If you can rock it I would totally go for it!

  15. So cute!!! I had bangs but my hair gets greasy in two seconds so they just ended up looking really stringy. If I had your hair or even Zooey Deschanel's, I would totally rock them!!! xoxo

  16. i LOVED how my bangs looked when they looked good. likewise, i HATED them when they looked bad haha. i also had a problem with them looking greasy. i dabbed my forehead with those face/oil sheet thingies (can't remember what they're called) several times a day and that helped a bit. i always think they look cute, but they are definitely a commitment!!
    -- jackiejade.blogspot.com

  17. Grat blog and nice post! I will be here more often, I'm ur new follower!
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  18. Seriously GO for it!! I got piecey bangs and cut off my long hair two weeks ago and it's the best thing I've ever done to it. I showed the hairdresser a few pics of alexa chungs hair as inspiration and they did it perfectly!

    DARE to do it! :)

  19. I'm loving the bangs! If I didn't JUST, FINALLY grow my bangs completely out, then I would totally join the trend too! Sydney over on the Daybook had the urge to cut bangs but instead bought fake ones that clipped in! I thought it was a genius idea to see if she really wanted them!

  20. I say go for it! The worst that happens is they grow out in a few weeks if you don't like them! I think they work best on thick-haired ladies like Zooey Deschanel to avoid having them become greasy.

    XO Your Lifestyle Upgrade

  21. BTW, we have really similar Tumblrs! Check mine out if you have a free minute at Kindofsketchy :)

  22. I love bangs...it is such a cute look!

  23. I personally think that bangs (or fringe ) are brilliant but they are such an effort to maintain!! <3
    Great post!! <3
    Lots of love from

  24. DO IT! It's always fun to change up your hair... it's only hair, it will grow back! And like you said, you can always pin it back!

    Lady à la Mode

  25. I used to have them when I was younger but I look really weird with them. But I am sure you will rock it! Just do it! :)

    Kisses, Lucy :)

  26. Go for it! I have been thinking about getting them each time I go to the hairdresser but I am not quite ready. The longer ones that frame the face are my favourite, I am getting over the straight cut block ones. Your hair will grow and they will grow out anyway :)

  27. Do it! But make them more subtle and side swept across your face - they're more natural looking and I personally think look the best!

    x Kelsey

  28. do it!! i love bangs and they totally scream style and confidence. do it!

  29. Those hair styles are gorgeous, can't wait to see your hair when its finished!



  30. I really love bangs, especially Bridget Bardot's bangs. Unfortunately they really do not suit me :(

    xoxo Bree
    The Urban Umbrella

  31. You should do it! Do the Bardot ones so you can still pin them back if you want to:) great pics! Zooey is forever my inspiration.

  32. I wish I could pull off bangs, they always look so cute on everyone but when I pull the trigger and get them chopped I always end up hating them. But hair always grows back, right? So go for it!

  33. i have a love/hate relationship with bangs. i've recently grown mine out but seeing your pics make me want them again!

    the thing about hair is that it grows back!! so you should go for it if you're feeling good about it!!

    xo, sam 


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