DIY :: EDDY Necklaces

I found hundreds of vintage "EDDY" tags at the Randolph Street Market recently and snagged a few. Though I didn't know what to use them for, I knew they had potential. Before dreaming up artsy possibilities, I wanted to discover what "EDDY" stood for so I could style the tags accordingly. 
I had no luck.

Google search after Google search, I was left dumbfounded.
{If you know what EDDY means, do tell!}

So, I'll make some assumptions. The holes at the top indicate that the tags were meant to be worn. From the individual numbers, I'm guessing they were used to identify something, seemingly a person or item. Could it be related to war time? Perhaps they were tags worn by soliders?

Sherlock Emily rests her case.

To me, mystery makes the tags even cooler. My imagination runs wild every time I look at them. There's a certain romance in these little metal circles - they each hold an interesting tale that the world will probably never know.

Using gold wire, I turned them into necklaces by pairing the tags with old keys and beads. Some were given as holiday gifts and some were kept for my own wearing.


  1. I love the multi layered look in the last picture. you're right they have a certain romance about them especially with the myseterious origins!

  2. The first thing I said to myself when I saw the top picture is "cool! I wonder what they were used for!" I'm glad I'm not the only curious one! I like the vintage vibe it throws out and I think the version with the beads steps it up to "this belongs on a necklace"
    With Luck

  3. These are so pretty, gorgeous!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  4. I love the necklaces you made them into! But now I'm totally curious...I need to know what EDDY means!

    The Glossy Life

  5. Isn't that just so cool about Vintage? Everything has a story. Love what you did with these.

  6. Love that necklace!!

    xo Ashley

  7. How cute, Emily- I love it-xo Diana

  8. They're pretty awesome! Hmm, I wonder if one could use hundreds of them to decorate a skirt...
    Visit my fashion/beauty blog at dailydoseofgenius.blogspot.com

  9. Those are REALLY cute! I love the old keys!


  10. Love these! So cute

    xo Ashley

  11. What fun necklaces!

    Emily | Sparkle Meets Pop

  12. This is such a cute DIY!!!! Sorry, can't help you with the EDDY mystery :)

    xo, Megan
    indie flower

  13. Isn't that funny, my first thought was that Eddy was a dog! Yet, what is the "1019" for? I guess we'll never know! - J

  14. Very cute!

    My thought is perhaps EDDY is the name of a hotel of some sort and these were key rings for different rooms.


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