Did you watch the Academy Awards last night? It was filled with stunning red-carpet dresses, new 2013 trends (to be discussed tomorrow!), a hilarious host (despite "awkward" talks), plenty of "Must see moments", and a reminder that I don't watch enough movies.

Despite not having seen any of the nominees for best picture (judge if you must), I do my fair share of perusing the internet. A few weeks back I sent a short film to my friends with a little note saying that it made my day. What a fun surprise it was when that film won an Oscar! It's too cute not to share with you - so below is "Paperman". Trust me, it's worth the 6 minutes to watch.

Have you seen the short film "Signs", which I shared in this post a while back? "Paperman" reminds me of it. 

There's so much creativity in these short stories, I may even prefer them over full-length movies. Or, it could be that I'm a complete sucker for love. 

Do you have any short film suggestions? 

PS - Be sure to swing by Ashley's blog to see her recap of The Everygirl's party last week and an adorable GIF of us in the photo booth! 


  1. I'm so happy this short film won an oscar last night!

  2. i'm a sucker for all things short films! thank you for sharing this! I actually fell asleep during the oscars and missed the winners - oops, bad blogger :(

  3. I love that Paperman won! It's amazing. The only best picture nominated film I've seen is Les Mis... but I actually really want to see all of them! x

  4. I love short films–I saw this when it was circulating social media a little bit ago and thought it was adorable. I'm glad it won!

    The Glossy Life

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  6. I really wanted to see it! Thanks for sharing :)


  7. i love paperman it is soo so cute an deserved the oscar!!! x

  8. I love animated shorts - I'm always fascinated and so impressed by the time and skill it takes to make something so intricate and interesting - I'm not so sure I have the patience for it, but I admire the others who do!


  9. confession: I had not seen any of the best picture nominees either & I was surrounded by movie buffs all night! oopsie! oh well ;) excited to watch this short film! thanks for sharing it :) XO Brynn

  10. paperman totally reminded me of signs, which i watched thanks to you! so cute!xo

  11. I think they played "Paperman" before "Wreck-it Ralph". I loved it when I watched it in the movie theatres. It is so cute!

    Xo Lourdes


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