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:: Let the sun kiss you :: 
Studded Hearts' Life on the Water post makes me want leave the city, hop on a boat and sail the ocean. I'm dreaming of sun-kissed freckles, sea-swept hair, relaxed jeans-and-tank-top outfits and sunscreen as the main accessory. To channel my nautical dreams, next week I have a boat-inspired outfit post lined up that includes a handsome guy that I've been wanting to feature on here for a while.

:: Remember What's Important ::
This week was so busy. On top of work, my nights were overflowing with activity. Lily and I saw the musical Big Fish after she received impromptu free tickets, Whitney & Carolyn joined me for dinner followed by the opening night of a local Chicago play, and my bestie Jess and I enjoyed a home cooked meal while catching up. I fell behind on this little blog a bit, but looks like the internet survived without me so it's all good.

:: Play With Your Hair :: 
I loved this fishtail version on Grace's sister - it's perfectly messy and looks adorable. Definitely will be trying over the weekend. 

:: Dye For This ::
DIY hand-dyed napkins is such a fun way to decorate your table. Elsie and Emma's creativity never fails to impress.

:: Click Through ::
:: Did you hear?! Maya is moving to Chicago and will be tackling the advertising & social media world with me at DDB. It's amazing what relationships through blogging can lead you to, isn't it? We're excited to have her on board!

:: The Randolph Street Market is having a summer preview this weekend and I can't wait. The last time I went this DIY necklace was created from the my vintage finds.

:: An interesting take on how imagery is changing how we shop.

:: "When someone asks you to lunch, say yes." This article is simple, to-the-point, and focused on something that I firmly believe in: kindness.

Care to dance? Follow my lead.


  1. I love the Randolph Street Market! I'll have to check out their summer preview this weekend.

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. let's try this one more time! lol -- loving that water post, and I see you've been a very busy girl! sounds like a fun week! get some rest tho :) xo


  4. Fab article on Wired. I love that images are driving people's purchases and that they are available to the masses at any level.

  5. The hand-dyed napkins are SUCH a good idea!! So inspired by that, a set would make a lovely housewarming gift!! Have a lovely weekend :) xx

  6. Fun snapshots. Yes, always play with your hair!
    Love your blog, following on Bloglovin
    xo Annie

  7. I love this post! Remember whats important :) good reminder!
    -Deana, from Birds&Oxfords

  8. I loved that fishtail braid on Grace's blog as well - she made it seem so easy but I've always thought they seemed much harder!! Hope ya had a great weekend lady!! xx

    elle [wonderfelle world]

  9. These links are fabulous! Thank you!


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