You may or may not already know this, but John Mayer is a lyrical genius. His songs are vague, yet descriptive, with a deepness that convinces you he's written that song just for you and the exact moment you're in. He's been one of my favorites for years, and I've undoubtedly listened to every song of his while thinking these thoughts countless times, in countless situations.

"Clarity" is one of those songs. It can apply to the need to live in the moment, moving on, accepting things as they are, or in the case of this post, accessories. Yes, you read that right. Accessories.

You see, clear accessories have been trending on the fashion scene for decades. Last summer I found the below 1960's-inspired necklace at a vintage flea market. Recognizing that it was a classic and loving its simplicity, I purchased it hoping that "clear" would make a comeback soon. Much to my surprise, this season clear accessories are the latest buzz. How very convenient!

In "Clarity" John wisely says, "And I will wait to find, if this will last forever. And I will pay no mind, that it won't. And it won't, because it can't. It just can't. It's not supposed to." He was definitely talking about fashion, ya? Maybe not. But as I said before, his songs can be what you will. 

As with all trends, clear accessories will come and go. For now, I'm loving my vintage chunky necklace. But, one day it'll pass. And at that time it'll be stowed away for the day in which its return is made.

Who knew fashion could be so deep?

To tide you over until the clarity trend hides again, I've scooped up some great + affordable options for you to sport this spring and summer. All from Etsy, which you know I love to do, as local artists truly are the ones most deserving of promoting.

Earrings | Bracelet | Necklace | Chunky Necklace

Care to dance? Follow my lead.


  1. So lovely, love the bracelet :)) You look great. Have a marvellous week x

  2. Love that song... and pretty jewels!

  3. Thank goodness fashion repeats itself!

  4. I like clear jewelry- it goes with everything!

  5. I agree, I love John Mayer, not his personality though :) I love wheel on that same album. These pieces are super prettY!

  6. Love your necklace and leather jacket! Great combo :)

    Happy Monday!

  7. Love your lyrical interpretation of the song ;) He was definitely talking about fashion, no doubt!

  8. I LOVE that you used a John Mayer song to describe accessories. That is totally fantastic (and a great song). I just wish he was a nicer person!

    Oh and I love clear accessories. There is a Tory Burch transparent cuff that I am dying for!

    Classy with a Kick

  9. all of these are gorgeous. i just started a love affair with clear beads. i love them. those earrings, that bracelet! and your necklace with the jacket - perfect.

  10. I have a necklace that looks like that and I might just wear it tomorrow.
    I am so happy that you referenced John Mayer!


  11. That necklace is such a good find! I like the idea of this clear jewelry. It's a great way to incorporate this trend!
    With Luck Blog

  12. Haha oh John Mayer! I love the idea of clear/lucite jewelry and that necklace is definitely a winner!
    elle [wonderfelle world]

  13. John Mayer. Awesome. Love that necklace so much!

  14. Love John Mayer and the clear accessories are beautiful! I think they are perfect for Spring - great styling! x, Kat

    Love and Ace

  15. Loving your outfit and smile and that necklace - gorgeous!

    Love Me to Pieces

  16. Great capture~

    <3 Kelly's Kouture

  17. ah you make me want to get some clear jewelry now! Great post!


  18. Ooooh I have a pretty clear beaded bracelet that my sister made me that has been hiding in the bottom of drawer for years... time to dig it out, just in time for spring!

  19. i've never been that big a fan of john mayer. i think it's just his reputation and what other people have said about him. especially that Taylor Swift song. i probably should give his music a chance though.

  20. Love that you related a song to accessories...awesome! And your necklace is SO pretty :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  21. Oooh great trend to spotlight!



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