Deck Specs

"This multicolored pair of Deck Specs is used and abused and one-of-a-kind." Is there an award for best product opening line? If so, I nominate the above.

I came across Deck Specs while perusing Etsy and had to share on account of pure awesomeness. The entire store is comprised of sunglasses made of recycled skateboards. I love the unique premise and that the glasses are green friendly.

Now, I'm no skater, but I will say that Avril Lavigne and I had hundreds of a few moments that involved blaring speakers, my hairbrush-turned-microphone, and awkward dance moves to Sk8er Boi. (Why, Avril, why did you spell it with a number and an "i"? To this day it perplexes me.)

Thus, seeing these immediately makes me feel three things:
1. Nostalgia. Where has Avril been?
2. Coolness by association.
3. Complicated. (If you don't get that Avril reference, we can't be friends.)

Have you found any unique Etsy finds lately? 

Care to dance? Follow my lead.


  1. Gotta love a little recycling action. :)


  2. I've been wanting a pair of wooden sunglasses! Can't believe these were made out of skateboards - so cool!

  3. I love finding new Etsy's shops and this my friend was a great find! Sign me up for anything recycled :)

  4. what a fun find! and i TOTALLY rocked out to avril back in the day.

  5. It's amazing what you can find on etsy! Who would have ever thought of making sunglasses out of skateboards?! They are cute, I'm glad someone did!

  6. Haha these are pretty cool thought totally "too cool" for me! Last I heard of Avril she was dating Brody Jenner and they got tattoos for each other? But that was a long time ago...

  7. they are very cool looking! its very interesting that they are made of recycled skateboards

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  8. Loving these, really cool and funky!

  9. LOL! I did just recently hear a new Avril song on the radio. I really like these! they're so unique. Btw, just wanted to let you know that I've nominated you for a Liebster award =)


  10. Seriously those are insanely cute. Absolutely love them!


  11. Wow, they really are cool. I haven't been on etsy for a while but pretty sure at last look my wishlist was filled with things like infinity rings lol

  12. It's seriously awesome that these are made from recycled skateboards!

    Rowena @ rolala loves

  13. these.are.awesome! I was never a skater either.... but it's complicated ;-)
    With Luck Blog

  14. I am not sure why, but Complicated has been running through my head lately... it was finally gone, but now after your reference it is totally back!
    These sunglasses are a really cool concept- love that they are made from recycled skateboards- so unique and inventive!


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