DIY :: Color Blocking

You know those $1 bins at Target that you can't pass up as a result of them being the closest thing to a treasure chest our generation will probably ever encounter? That little section is the first place I hit up when I'm browsing the store for an item or two ten.

While searching for Easter treasures (Bunny ears and colorful egg necklaces?! Adorable. If I had children they would hate me.) I came across some unfinished wood blocks that I had to purchase.

I knew they would be put to good use. As a frequent acquirer of useless items (this entire DIY is a great example), extra storage units are always a good idea. And so I bought 3 wooden blocks, for no particular reason, except for the fact that I was convinced I was purchasing the equivalent to gold.

Thus, this DIY was created. Wooden blocks painted slight variations of orange/red with hints of gold. With the exception of mixing paints and making a straight line with tape, it requires absolutely no skill, which sometimes is the best kind of DIY there is.

I debated even putting this on here as it lends absolutely no validity to my creativity, but I figured even the most minute of projects are worth documenting. Plus, maybe now you'll explore the $1 section at Target as I have for years: with wonder and amazement. It's the little things, folks. It's the little things.

Click the jump for directions!

Materials Needed: 

Unfinished Wood Boxes
Paint Bruches
Gold paint
Step 1: 

Paint first wood box

Step 2: 
Mix colors as you desire. I chose to create slight variations of red for a subtle color blocking effect, so I added in yellow to my paint. Paint boxes 2 and 3 accordingly. 

Step 3: 
Once paint has dried, line top and bottom with tape to prep for adding on your gold coloring. 

Step 4: 
Add on gold paint as desired. Do a few paints for the gold to really show up well. 
I also added on a "vine" line to each side of the boxes to decorate them. 

Care to dance? Follow my lead.


  1. Love what you did to them, such a cute idea. I love the $1 section at target. I've found some pretty great gems!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  2. That's one of the many sections I love in Target! This is such a cute idea to spruce up your home!

  3. What a fabulous idea! The dollar section is always our first stop at Target too!!

  4. Such a fun DIY! I like the easy ones - mainly because I can actually pull them off!! xx

    elle [wonderfelle world]

  5. I love those darn dollar bins! The pull me in every time. I would have definitely bought those little boxes as well!
    With Luck Blog

  6. Love these little boxes. I am so guilty of buying my nieces and nephews bunny ears and bow ties for easter!

  7. The $1 section at Target is my Kryptonite! There is a reason they put it right by the entrance doors (dangerous....). Love the DIY - what a fun and cheap alternative!


  8. Love love love this! So many treasures in the $1 bin!

  9. oh what an awesome idea! this turned out so well!!

  10. Got to love Target's $1 section!

  11. I love a nice DIY project, this one is great and pretty!

  12. Too cute. What a great idea! I need to get over to Target and see if they have any of these left.

    Love, Richelle of Lynn + Lou

  13. wow love this! Who would have thought those little wooden bins could be so cute!

  14. So easy! Thanks for the idea :)



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