One Mirror, Three Ways

What do you get when you combine one broke twenty-something with a city studio apartment and limited space?

A lot of Ramen noodles. Well, yes, but try again. Empty carry out boxes from ordering in after working late. True. But let's get away from food. Clothing items from sales racks across the city. Accurate. Any other thoughts? Cheap beer and wine. Okay now you're just being insulting. I was going for versatility, people. Humor me, okay?

With limited space to live in one must be flexible, especially when it comes to decor. What will work as a book display must also serve as a shelving focal point or kitchen tray. You never know when you'll need to move things around to accomodate a knick knack addition you picked up. (Yes, I've had to rearrange whole shelves due to lack of space for this very reason.)

Versatility is why, when I spotted a vintage mirror in a consignment store, I was ecstatic. Something that can work in multiple ways is a must in any room with limited space. And really, how beautiful is my find? I love how it works in many ways while pulling together the different items I've paired it with.

I may be broke, but I still like to have chic decor. Now, if you excuse me, I'm going to go sip on my cheap wine.

PS -- I'm sharing my "5 Favorite Things" on Mimosa Lane today. In the feature I talk about the meaning behind the diamond ring that's a staple on my right hand, my favorite way to accessorize, and a very special guy who made me bookshelves. Be sure to swing by! {And, in case you missed it, check out Albertina's Lady Love feature.}

Care to dance? Follow my lead.


  1. Great ideas. I love the mantel!


  2. I love all three ways! This is going to give me a great new challenge the next time I hit homegoods.
    With Luck Blog

  3. Omg!!! you are heel funny, honestly will definitely wanna keep in touch with your blog, i love your inspirations, I do love vintage a lot in fact i am kin of obsessed with them, vintage are unique pieces and you will find the best decor out of them, i love your mirror so much and i rolled off my chair when you mentioned going to have your cheap wine, Omg!!! i think i have found a twin here <333 U ROCK!
    You look super amazing in that dress, i loveeeeeee it!!!


  4. Such great ideas! I definitely agree that decorating a chic (small) apartment as a broke 20-something is challenging...but half the fun is making it work! I've done a LOT of thrifting and a LOT of furniture makeovers. The only piece of furniture I bought for my current apartment is a couch. I'm pretty proud of that!

  5. What good ideas! Because a mirror isn't always good as mirror when you know what I mean ;)
    I like your blog really!

    Lots of Love, SAMOROUS

  6. what a cute post, em!! love it, and you!

  7. I really love all three ways but you're gonna really impress me if I see the mirror featured with ramen or cheap bear and wine haha

    Quirk and Swirl

  8. wow the mirror is so cool! :) love it!


  9. Have to agree that decorating can be challenging when your broke, but that makes it ohhh so much more fun.

  10. I love the first mirror on the table. Just found your great blog! Pls check out mine if yoy wanna follow eachother? Caroline

  11. This is so smart! Love that idea!

  12. Just popped over from your guest blog which I enjoyed! I love the mirror with the three square vases - a nice idea. I'm pleased I found your lovely blog and I'm now following on Bloglovin'

  13. Super cute idea! Def need to try using a mirror as a tray! Thanks for sharing your idea!
    Hope you have an awesome day!!

    xoxo Marie

    Stop by my blog and say hi! It would mean a lot to me!

  14. Great idea! xoxo


  15. I love the tray and those deer are great. I absolutely think it is possible to have chic home decor when you are broke. It is something I'm trying to do myself.

  16. Wow, that is so cool to use mirror as a tray! Love the idea!

  17. Haha, ramen noodles, that is universal! Love the mirror, I am looking for a new one myself, great styling!


  18. So pretty! Love them all. Great inspiration!

  19. This is such a great idea- versatility really is key. I love the last use of the mirror, it looks so cool! x

  20. I love that you write with such wit! A definite breath of fresh air. And I am absolutely smitten by your blog design, too. Stay Gold. xx

  21. I love your ideas to use mirrors in different ways. It looks so pretty!
    Suzanne from written by suzanne

  22. Brilliant uses! All of them so chic :) I use a small mirror as a tray for my perfumes and I love the way it looks!

    aka Bailey

  23. I love the use of it as a tray! I love how it reflects what is on it! Great idea

    E x


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