"Please world, be better"

I'm halting today's scheduled post to pay respect to those who were directly affected by yesterday's explosions at the Boston Marathon. As I'm sure everyone reading can identify with, my heart feels deeply saddened and heavy at the deaths, injuries, and malicious intent surrounding yesterday's events. My thoughts and deepest sympathies are with all those that experienced this horrifying and shocking tragedy.
The above picture is of a couple who reunited after the explosions went off.
Photo via Twitter
It's times like these when I'm reminded of how lucky we are to have people in the world like first responders and volunteers helping those in need. In photos and videos of the explosions you can always spot people running toward the danger zone. Police men, firefighters, medical assistance, those physically able to assist the hurt -- These heroes deserve applauding. 

I saw a Facebook status update yesterday that really resonated with me. It was four simple words: "Please world, be better." That plea encompasses so much - it's powerful because it's desperately needed, and there's a twinge of hopelessness, which I believe we all can identify with during a tragedy of this nature. Above all, there's an underlying strength in these words. It's a strength that comes from a kind heart - one that knows that good will always prevail. Because it will. Good will always prevail. 

May we all take some extra time today to hold our loved ones close. And may we all take some extra time to do our part in making the world a little bit better, whether it be saying an extra prayer, volunteering or donating. Peace & love to you all. 

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  1. I really struggled with this yesterday. I felt like I could hardly breathe.

    This morning I woke up and decided that today was going to be different. I was going to be happy despite the negativity in the world and try to make a difference in my community.

    That's all we can do is try to make the world better one step at a time.

  2. This is so sad. My friend's parents live very close to where this happened and it was so scary to live through. This is a terrible world we are living in. Its a sad day.

  3. Makes my heart hurt. Yes- Please world, be better.

  4. Please World, Be Better... Yesterday I shared my thoughts in my blog. I feel hopeless, but love and good prevails, and that gives me hope. The good guys always win. In Puerto Rico there is a campaing that says "Los buenos somos más" which roughly translate to "the good people are more". We are more

  5. Thanks for sharing this beautiful picture.

    If you get a sec, check out my latest post 'Trend Obsessed: Black and White'.


  6. Yesterday I found myself making the kind of frantic phone calls and sending the terrified text messages that other people have made before me, during scary tragedies like this. Fortunately all of my friends in Boston are alright and none of them happened to be at the finish line when this happened.... a miracle. I was paralyzed with fear for a little while yesterday - waiting to hear back from friends who weren't answering their phones. I still can't believe this happened in my little Boston. It feels like it changes everything.

  7. So many prayers go to those affected in Boston and their families!

    Sparkles and Shoes

  8. Boston has been in my thoughts since I heard of the tragedy that occurred yesterday.

  9. Prayers for the victims and their families. I was reading the news at a coffee shop and I couldn't help but tear up, and then feel extremely scared. Life is so fragile.


  10. Such a terrible thing to happen to innocent people.

    ♥ Paula Shoe Fiend.

  11. Who knew four words could hit it so perfectly. They're sad and thoughtful and yet hopeful for the future.
    With Luck Blog

  12. It is so true. I so wish the world would be better. We CAN do better than this- and fortunately, the heroes you see in these situations are living proof of this. Love to you xx


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