Love Is A Verb

As promised, I'm following up yesterday's rose & twine garland DIY with the artwork that I created to go into the frame.

John Mayer is one of my favorite artists, and on his latest album there is a song called "Love is a Verb".  The lyrics are really simple, but they embody so much of what I believe love truly is. It's not something that you own, it's something you do. It takes time, work and countless "little moments" to create. It's an action state, something to always work on and never allow yourself to be passive toward.

After almost 7 years with Doug, I can attest that love being something you do is the mentality that gets you through almost anything together. With this sweet little phrase encompassing so much, I decided to make it into a little piece of art and hang it on my wall.

A quick "How to" for the DIYers :: Creating the art was pretty easy! I just painted a wooden board my base color, cut out letters from an old map, and glued them on with tacky glue. The roses were glued on with a hot glue gun. I outlined the lettering with a gold sharpie and painted varnish on before the gold coloring was dry so that it bled a little, creating an "antique" look.

What's a frame-worthy song lyric that you've heard lately?

Care to dance? Follow my lead.


  1. such a cute idea!

    i agree with your thoughts on this too, i'm not married or anything but even just with the people that i live with i have to show them i love them with my actions

    i can't think of any song lyrics at the moment but i know their are so many inspiring songs i love that this would be a great idea for!


  2. I love this–and the sweet message behind it! Does it ever bum you out that John Mayer the person doesn't live up to John Mayer the lyrical genius who seems like a romantic dude? Because it bums ME out.

  3. This is so sweet!

  4. What a nice idea! I'm definitely a big believer in love being a decision you make and actions you take. Isn't it unfortunate that feelings alone can't do it? Life would be easier hah
    With Luck Blog

  5. I love that you love John Mayer. This is such a great message

  6. Lovely art piece! And I love the context...love is most certainly a verb and this provides an excellent reminder :) XO Brynn

  7. This is so brilliant! It's true, love is hard work- I tried telling my ex this before he broke up with me, but clearly he didn't think the same and he missed out. HA. Some of the lyrics from "Naughty" from the Matilda musical really got me thinking this week- they're brilliant!! xx

  8. Very sweet piece of artwork :) This is a great idea, and one that can be translated to all different sized canvases!


  9. So cute. Mr. Mayer certainly has way with words. No wonder he pulls so many ladies.


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