Yet Another Excuse To Drink Wine

I didn't think my love for wine could grow any deeper, and then I started using bottles as vases and proved myself wrong. I love mixing bottle colors for a purposefully mismatched look, which is made even more delightful with creative labels. (I'm not the only one who buys a bottle by its label, right?)

Throw in always-appropriate mason jars and you've got yourself endless options for displaying florals. My favorite pairing so far this spring was captured for this post - I joined three bottles with one mason jar, and kept all glass colors varied yet complimentary. The end result was an eye-catching display that was almost as lovely as my budding flowers.

Will you use wine bottles as vases this spring? Snap a pic & tag me on Instagram so I can check out your decor inspirations!
Care to dance? Follow my lead.


  1. I've used mason jars before but never wine bottles. They look so pretty. I'll have to give it a try! :)


  2. Just stunning, I love blue glass :)) x

  3. Beautiful pictures !!

    My mom loves those flowers :D


  4. Love the lilies - they look great in the bottles! I have some in our condo right now and they smell amazing:)

  5. So pretty. Love using unexpected items for flowers! Would be great for mothers day.

  6. Thanks for the idea!
    I love have more reasons than one to drink some wine. :)


  7. I've never though of using wine bottles as vases. I love the idea!
    Your flowers are beautiful, i think they would have looked good in absolutely anything!

  8. Let's all face facts that we buy wine by the label. :)

    I love your inexpensive decorating idea. I just might have to make it mine this fall.

  9. you most definitely are Not the only one buying wine for its label!!! :)I do exactly the same. i've used them as vases before but haven't for such a long time - can't believe I have forgotten to do this. Using them as candle stick holders is also really really nice. a nice touch to a dinner party too.
    You've re-inspired me! You've styled them in such a great way.
    Maria x

  10. Stargazer lilies are my fave! This is such a cute idea for re-purposing wine bottles!

  11. Yes to mason jars and of course wine! I need more fresh flowers in my life {especially living alone now...I need something to love, haha!}

  12. I don't drink wine, but I did just go out and purchase some really cute glass bottles from a Salvation Army (for 99 cents each!) to use as vases. I'm obsessed with displaying flowers this season!! Yours are beautiful and I really like the mismatched colors.


  13. I've never used wine bottles as vases but these look so pretty especially the blue

  14. I definitely don't need another excuse to drink wine - but this is a good one! I like the idea that you can break up a full bouquet and spread it out in pretty bottles around the house.


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