Ana's Bridal Showers

My good friend Ana recently had two bridal showers and each contained photo-worthy details that were so well done and beyond charming. Ready to get pinning?
From the first shower, my favorite details were the rosemary plant gifts, bride & groom cupcakes and wine glass labels. I also thought Bridal Bingo was an adorable idea for attendees to stay involved while all the presents were being opened. 

The beautiful bride-to-be and I. 
The second shower was filled with adorable rustic touches including mason jar cups, chalkboard signs, and handmade "Bride" chair labels. Can we talk about the "Love Is Sweet" sign with the bride cookies? Just perfect.

A huge thanks to Jenny Barger for all the "Shower #2" imagery!

If you're interested in seeing more wedding ideas, decorations and highlights, check out the "Once In My Life" label for more eye candy.

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Care to dance? Follow my lead.


  1. What cute ideas! I really like the decorated wine glass and I of course have to mention once more how much I love your hair cut!

  2. Love all the cute decorative touches! Everything looks darling :) And those cupcakes?! TOO CUTE!!

  3. Amazing and lovely pictures !

    OMG those cupcakes are amazing ! I would plan a wedding just to get those :P

    I have 1 new post and would love to know your opinion :)

    Have a great day :D

    Introducing The Sarah Klass

  4. Congrats to your friend - such lovely showers! I love the little dress cookies :)

  5. Those cupcakes are adorable! I cannot wait to get to plan a bridal shower!

  6. Wow! This looks like SO much fun! And everyone looks SO pretty! LOVE it! Hugs from Cali! xx The Golden Girls

  7. So fun! Those cupcakes are so cute!

  8. So many sweet details–everything came out so great!

  9. Lovely photos, this looks like such a wonderful bridal shower, everything is so beautifully dressed. Love the cute cupcakes.Thanks for your kind visit doll, hope your week is going well :)

  10. SO cute!!! I have gotten so many ideas for one of my best friend's showers from this post!! What a cute party. xxoox

  11. SO cute!!! I have gotten so many ideas for one of my best friend's showers from this post!! What a cute party. xxoox

  12. Oh wow, what a lovely post, the pictures are all so wonderful, loved all the sweet details! <333 Congrats to your friend by the way! <333 Voted for you dear, heading there again, really hope you win!

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  13. I love the Mr. and Mrs. cupcakes! What a cute idea!

    Great party :)


  14. those cupcakes are too cute! i wouldnt want to eat them!

    Delightful Ideas
    Bag Giveaway

  15. What an amazing shower! Love those cupcakes :)

    Also, Brian says you look like Robin from How I Met Your Mother - I think it's his version of a compliment :)


  16. Adorable details...cupcakes, food, games--and all of you look so cute! Such great ideas! Hope you're having a lovely day!

    xo Mary Jo

  17. awww i love the "love is sweet' bridal cookies- they look so pretty. and I LOVE bride bingo, haha! at my cousins shower everyone got all competitive and started telling her to open gifts faster, haha!

    xo Marlen
    Messages on a Napkin

  18. So sweet, this looked wonderful. Love the cookies and things. Wonderful x

  19. I am so so so behind on my blog reading! This is so delayed, but these parties look lovely! I am a bridesmaid in my friend's wedding in August, but it's in Massachusetts and I am all the way over in Vancouver, BC so I've been missing out on all the showers/parties :( I'll just continue to live vicariously through pictures haha!


  20. Lovely ladies! You all are looking beautiful. Well seems you all had fun there at party. Bride and groom cupcakes are looking amazing. Got great ideas on decoration from here for my bridal shower party at event space NYC, and will take my sister help in planning my party.


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