Pink, 'Cause You Are So Very :: Wallis Summer Style Contest

For my second post (Check out the first post here) in the Wallis Summer Style Contest, I've gone Pink.

I know, I know...I don't look like Aerosmith's typical fan. Steven Tyler's impressive mouth expansion & wailing lungs tend to attract a crowd that reminisces about the days of bell bottoms & Sweet Emotion. But if you think that just because I was in the womb when their rock-legend status was affirmed, Dream On.

What can I say? I appreciate rock's greatest. Music is an area in which I Don't Want To Miss A Thing. I'd be Crazy to throw them out the window just because newer, more "hip" music can be found on the radio.
Fact: My first school-night sleepover was in 7th grade after an Aerosmith concert. How's that for rebellious? I even inspired Pink

Yup, you read that right. Here's how it happened: Steven Tyler looked into a crystal ball, saw this outfit post, loved my blazer, and immediately jotted down, "Pink, 'cause you are so very. Pink, it's the color of passion. 'Cause today it just goes with the fashion." 

Kuddos to Wallis for making a blazer so perfect that it inspires a hit song. 

To Walk This Way, pair your blazer with heels, shorts, simple white tank top, and a necklace that ties in the colors you've chosen to accentuate the blazer with.  (In my case, it was white, nude & gold) The result will be a fashionable summer look that's anything but a Rag Doll.Fellow Aerosmith fans -- see what I did there?

Pink Blazer - Wallis | Shorts - Old. Purchased in Paris boutique. | Shoes - Zara | Necklace - Zara | Double finger diamond ring - Forever 21 (I layered 2 together)

A huge thanks to everyone who has voted for me in the Wallis Summer Style Contest! Don't forget - you can vote once per hour, every day until June 30.  Swing by Wallis' Facebook page to check out other entries and give yours truly a little love! ;)

Care to dance? Follow my lead.


  1. Super super. Have a great day xx

  2. Not a lot of people can pull off the really pale pink, but you look fabulous in it! And of course, I love how you used Aerosmith lyrics in here haha–– you ARE a rockstar!

  3. I love the idea of pink with brown! And that necklace is super cute, too!

  4. What a fun blazer! I really like the way it falls! Such a great feminine touch.
    With Luck Blog

  5. simply and elegant!

    tres chic!

    have a nice day

  6. your heels are adorable!


  7. Loving this outfit- so fresh! :)


  8. You have great pins Emily! Loving that jacket, I just bought one very similar!

  9. um, where can I get that amazingly fab pink jacket you are sporting?!

    I LOVE it!


  10. I'm loving this outfit paired with that Zara necklace! And I had COMPLETELY forgotten about that Aerosmith song! I kept thinking... where do I know this phrase from!?!? Now I'll have to go back in time and listen to my Nine Lives CD!

  11. such a sweet outfit! I really love your necklace. very pretty!


  12. Loving your pink blazer and all that Steve Tyler Pink referencing--no doubt they were thinking of you!!
    xo Mary Jo

  13. wow love the jacket

  14. Love everything about this look...shoes, hair, accessories are all on point!


  15. You look gorgeous these sandals are fabulous!

  16. Thanks for reminding me about this song, I'd completely forgotten about it ;)



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