:: New favorite band = Shovels + Rope. They're a husband and wife duo who I initially heard in a quaint crowd at Schubas at the beginning of this year. Imagine my surprise & delight when I saw them on the Lollapalooza roster - I was strangely proud of this little band that made it from a tiny bar stage to the massive stages of Lolla in less than a year. "Birmingham" by them is killer - be sure to check them out!

:: This vintage weekender bag needs to become mine, pronto.

:: I came across a blog called The Art of Manliness that is super interesting. It has articles like "14 Ways to Affair Proof You Marriage" and "The Case for Marriage". Especially with it being written for guys, it's nice to see articles standing up for unity.

:: The Tumblr "Rich Kids of Instagram" is strangely addicting and oh-so entertaining.

:: This week I'm vacationing in Boston & Cape Code with Doug's family. The past few months have been craaazy and I feel like I haven't had a moment to breathe, so a little beach time & relaxation is welcomed. I imagine myself frolicking on the beaches much like the ladies of Classy Girls Wear Peals. A similar shot show up on Instagram - be sure to follow along!

:: Doug and I picked a wedding venue & date! More details to come soon, but in the meantime, what do you think of this fun Save The Date idea?


  1. Lucky lady, have fun in Cape Cod! What I'd give for that kind of vacay these days!

  2. The vintage weekender bag is so perfect. I love the pattern!

  3. I HATE/LOVE rich kids of Instagram! It's both disgusting anf fascinating, I can't stop reading it.

  4. I love Shovels and rope, their video with the kids is adorable!
    Simona Lake&Moon

  5. All of these images are so happy. Love that bag!

  6. Beautiful pictures!!


  7. i seriously love that bag... ha!

  8. Love this! Rich kids of insta is too funny :P

  9. I love the way you made this collage! It's so much more creative and interesting to read than the usual. How'd you do it? I won't copy the idea, but I sure will think about how to post my Instagram compilations differently. Way to go!

    Ann :D


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