On Bridesmaid Dresses & Why Pinterest Will Make My Head Explode

Pinterest has been a blessing and a curse in my wedding planning journey. It's filled with so many unique ideas that my brain feels like it's going to explode with inspiration. I honestly walk away from it feeling a little lost on where to begin, and overwhelmed at how I'm going to choose the perfect touches to add to my wedding.

If all the pins I've admired could talk, they'd tell you that my wedding will look like glitter threw up everywhere and I've committed myself to 1,349,344,343 hours of DIY projects. Obviously this approach won't work for a number of reasons, the primary being that I want to keep my groom.

And, so, I must narrow down the options.

One piece of advice that I was given is to make secret boards, fill them with as many ideas as your heart desires, and take a step back to look for a theme in your pins. Pin-spiration, if you will. I started to do this and am definitely finding common themes in my preferences.

Here are a few favorites from my ever-growing secret board dedicated to bridesmaid dresses. Can you spot the commonalities?

Care to dance? Follow my lead.


  1. I love the idea of having a color theme, but each bridesmaid wearing a different dress. I think this is especially important because not all dresses/styles works on every body type. I agree though, Pinterest is super addicting and can get overwhelming.

  2. it looks like we have similar taste in bridesmaids dresses - i'm not planning a wedding but i have almost all of these pinned to my future wedding board! :) i love the champagne and blush colors and i would love for each girl to wear what suits her. great picks!

  3. I love the mismatched dresses and soft color choices!
    With Luck Blog

  4. I love the mismatched look! I used to adore this picture of Molly Sim's bridemaids....

  5. ... just remember that in the end whatever you pick will be perfect. enjoy it, because in the end it all happens so fast!

  6. Sometimes things on Pinterest are just too perfect, you know?! I like the idea of mismatched dresses, too. My cousin chose one shade and material and then the bridesmaids (myself included) picked a dress. This way it was mismatched but still coherent

  7. My wedding is 10 days away and I'm so excited to see my mismatched bridesmaids dresses for the first time in person. I am with AZA- I totally got my inspo from Molly Sim's bridesmaids!
    The Pumpkin Spot

  8. They're all SO good! It is hard to decide - I love the blush color and the different styles!

  9. I like what's happpennninnnggggg hereeeeee! I can only imagine how overwhelming it must be to plan a wedding in the Pinterest era–I love the idea of slightly mis-matched bridesmaid dresses!

  10. I've been loving the trend of ombre dresses for the bridesmaids - with each maid wearing a different shade of a color. It's great that bridesmaid dresses are turning away from the "ridiculous" and are heading towards "dresses that a girl might actually be happy to wear again for another occasion" ;)


  11. LOVE these colors and LOVE the idea of different dresses.

  12. I think the idea of looking for themes in everything you've pinned is such a great idea!! I've never really thought about the idea of mismatched dresses, but it can look so good. When my friend's brother got married, the bridesmaids all had different style dresses made in the same fabric- and it looked SO beautiful!! xx

  13. wedding is a big event in our life. Wedding dress is important for a wedding, so does the bridesmaid dresses.

  14. I want a blue theme wedding!!!


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