When Outfit Posts Go Wrong

Outfit posts can be awkward. First, taking pictures of yourself is an odd thing to do. Second, the notion of liking your own outfit enough to photograph it and display it for all of Internetville to see is even more strange. Third, was there something in my teeth and no one told me?!

As a blogger, I recognize this but have long since gotten over the mental hurdle of outfit posts for the sake of learning and sharing. I see style as something you practice and evolve. Sharing my personal style with you has definitely helped me to develop it more - I've learned that it's much more than having a good eye and feel that I've started to put pieces together better that I did in the beginning. I hope you agree. If not, don't tell me and let me keep trucking for your entertainment.

Back to taking pictures. Sometimes shooting for a post is super easy and takes 5 minutes. And, sometimes there's wind. Wind is the enemy of all style bloggers - it's a mischievous little devil that comes out of nowhere and says, "What, you think that skirt is cute? Ha-ha-haaa let's see how cute it is when your buttocks show!" The end result? Not cute. Marilyn Monroe may disagree, but her opinion is null and void as I'm 99.9% confident she's the only human being in existence who made wind-blown look good.

Case in point: My most recent outfit post. This was supposed to be titled "Transitioning To Fall" or something equally as mundane, but I figured the pictures were funny enough to share with you and give you a peep into the dreaded "When outfit posts go wrong" scenario that every blogger occasionally encounters.
Not Marilyn Monroe. Or Michael Jackson.
Be-Boop-Be-Boop. I am a robot.

Don't you wish your girlfriend was hot like me?
There's more, but I'll spare you. Thanks a lot, wind.

There were a few salvageable photos from this shoot that I feel the need to share on behalf of keeping my dignity in tact. Oh, and one quick suggestion...when dressing for fall, wear tights.

Skirt: J-Crew | Shirt: Ella Moss | Shoes: Zara | Necklace: Francesca's Collection | Earrings: Vintage

Care to dance? Follow my lead.


  1. Yet somehow you managed to look COMPLETELY adorable in these, still! It's hilarious when outfit posts go wrong. I actually got HIT by a kid on a scooter once–I only wish I caught THAT one on camera!

  2. I laughed aloud at this entire post - especially the captions. Ditto what Alyssa said - you manage to look adorable even while you are getting mauled by the wind. Girl, tell me how you do it!

    xx, Brenna

  3. Haha I love it! Despite the wind your outfit is great!

  4. this is an awesome post! I stopped doing outfit posts when I moved since there was nowhere to hide!!


  5. Haha these pictures are great! So funny. Laughs aside, love the outfit. Super cute for fall.

  6. This is hilarious!

  7. LOL Em! been there many times! cute look nonetheless! miss ya!
    Heart of Chic -- Don't forget to enter my giveaway! XO!

  8. Despite the wind you still managed to look great; good job! The wind has taken my skirt up more times than I care to count. Haha!


  9. This made me laugh, I feel like this happens to me every time I want to take a picture of myself. It's still a pretty outfit, love that clutch and your jewelry!

  10. Um girl, these photos are all adorable, seriously! Haha, but yes sometimes things do not go as planned. Sometimes I'm in a bad mood and I look grumpy in all of my pictures :( I hate those ones! This outfit is adorable, I LOVE your skirt and your clutch!

  11. hahahhaahha! This is hilarious. I love how you still smiled throughout the whole thing! At least the last picture is perfect! You're way too adorable haha

  12. Oh, the wind, my least favorite thing about pictures. Love this last one, such a great look!

  13. Bahahahaha, this just made my day! You are such a spaz (that's why we're friends obviously), but in the best and most fashionable way possible ;) xx

  14. haha...cute post!! So lovely you shared the "blooper" photos. =D


  15. beautiful pics


  16. Haha...precious! I know of these things. You still look great though x

  17. Love it! I have tons of pictures that look just like that. Very cute outfit :)

    Style Diary

  18. hahahahha!!! so true!!! lovely outfit!


  19. These photos are so cute!!! Maybe not what you pictured but I think the wind only made the skirt look even better!!!

  20. OMG STOP!!! hahah It looks like you are a supermodel with a very strong fan blowing on you ;) THe last shot is adorable..I mean they all are really! xo

  21. Too funny!!! Still a great outfit though!
    Debbie :)


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