Fall Wardrobe Essential

Graphic sweaters, combat boots, pencil skirts, quirky sneakers, Annie Hall trousers, embellished belts, omg-there-are-so-many-fall-trends-to-keep-up-with. On the bright side: All are super cute. I'll probably give some a try {The original & best Annie Hall look is definitely one to repeat}. On the dark side: How is one supposed to keep up with it all? The short answer is that you don't, unless you have an endless wallet, in which case please donate to the ITC fund. The long answer is that you pick pieces that will carry you from season to season and never go out of style.

Our recent move ignited a massive closet clean out, which felt so refreshing. I made it a point to only keep items that I wear all the time, or that were timeless. One of these items was my vintage leather jacket. You've seen it on this blog before, and you'll no doubt see it again. It's my wardrobe essential, the one that stole my heart, and the one that I'll always go back to. Paired with one of fall's most popular trends, black booties, I felt classically on-point for the season.

Blouse - Anthropologie {Past season} | Jacket - Vintage 
Jeans & Black Booties - TJ Maxx {Current} | Earrings - Urban Outfitters {Past season}

Care to dance? Follow my lead.


  1. Adore those shoes & leather jackets are always fabulous xx

  2. I really love your blouse. the colors are beautiful!

  3. I love this look, the sheer feminine top paired with the masculine jacket is the perfect balance.

  4. This leather jacket is fabuloussss on you! I got mine about five years back and have worn it countless times since. They truly are the best investments!

  5. Ooooh I loooove this outfit - great color blocked top. The booties and jacket are awesome together!


  6. I need to do a closet clean out, and I keep thinking "next time we move"- maybe I'll get to it sooner :)


  7. im glad that jacket made it into the keep pile! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. totally agree - not sure what i'd do without my leather jacket!

  9. I completely agree with you. It's impossible to keep up with all of the trends. It seems like especially as a blogger there's so much extra pressure to always stay au courant. It's much better to stick with what you know works

    You may have just inspired me to do my own little cleanse.



  10. okay. I really need to get myself a leather jacket. This one fits you so well!
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  11. love the jacket and the green!! The leather jacket is forever! Great invesment

  12. I hear ya! When new trends come out I want them all, but I need to be practical and smart about what trends to really invest in. I love the jacker and those booties are so cute! I am currently on the hunt for both of those:)

  13. Love the earrings!


  14. You look so pretty and your outfit look amazing..!
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