Scenes From Around Here

I can hardly believe that Doug and I have been in our new apartment for over a month now. We're starting to feel more settled in the new place - after moving up 4 narrow flights of stairs {Nope, no elevator} and sorting through box after box, we finally are able to live in our apartment and feel comfortable.

The apartment itself was an adjustment for us both. It's very "vintage", which in Chicago terminology means that it has countless quirks to get used to. It's been a fixer-upper to say the least, but now that things are starting to come together, we've begun to see the quirks as endearing.

While it's still very much a work in progress, I thought I'd share some little details from around here. It's so fun to see the apartment start to come alive with our personalities!
The best combination for any room? Candles + flowers.
Old soda carriers line our kitchen cabinets to add a unique twist to the mundane wood.
I think "organized chaos" in kitchens is both livable and stylish.
Our living room is taking on an "adventure" theme.
You know I love my mason jars.
Our Ikea lamp is industrial-looking and adds a modern twist to the office.

Wine bottles as vases - yes, please!
Our bedroom is tiny, and there's not room for a nightstand, so we improvised with same-colored books.

Care to dance? Follow my lead.


  1. Moving is so exciting (and horrible, and stressful..)! Your place is already looking adorable.

    Suppose Anything Goes

  2. Quirky apartments are fun :) I love little details & cant wait to see more!

  3. I love the soda bottles as vases–these little glimpses are so cute!

  4. Looks like home to me! Things are coming along great. A new place is always so exciting.

  5. So many lovely flowers! Home sweet home :)

    aka Bailey

  6. The organized chaos is great!! Love it! Great job decorating.


  7. I love the vintage-y vibe I'm getting!

  8. I have picked up that ikea lamp so many times without buying it. What is my deal?! It looks great in your space.

  9. Love the flowers all over the apartment...and the nightstand idea! I have zero room for a nighstand because of the awkward configuration of my room, so I am borrowing your idea. Thanks, lady!

  10. Wonderful, am glad all is settling down and your both feeling more at home, it's so nice once that sits in!! I hope you continue to enjoy it!! xx

  11. Love all of your decor! It's so nice when a place finally starts to feel at home! I need to get back to buying fresh flowers for our place, definitely lights up a room!

  12. love those vintage soda carriers! so fun. thanks for the tour :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  13. i love the bottles as vases!


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