DIY Chalkboard

To build or to buy? That isn't often the question, but in my opinion, it should be. You see, making thing tends to feel daunting when you're thinking of a project, but starting it is half the battle. I find that crafting a gift often takes less time than expected, is much easier than I anticipate, and is always appreciated by the receiver.

Last weekend, Doug and I were in Michigan celebrating his sister's wedding. We couldn't simply purchase the happy couple a gift; we wanted it to be built with heart. And so we perused their Pottery Barn registry and picked out the perfect DIY project: a chalkboard for their kitchen. With a little wood, glue, black paint and Martha's Stewart Chalkboard Paint we were set to go!
Click the jump for directions!

Materials Needed:
Back board/base for chalkboard. {Our was cut to 3 ft x 2 ft}
- Panels for the exterior. We got a large panel and cut the exterior pieces to size of backboard. Be sure to angle appropriately
- Black paint
- Gorilla Glue
- Screws 
- Wire for hanging 

Step 1: Purchase wood & materials. We got ours from our home away from home - Home Depot. {Is it weird how much I love that place?}. Cut to size. 

Step 2: Paint exterior panels black. Use multiple coats to ensure rich coloring. Paint backboard with chalkboard paint. We did 5 thin coats (let dry in between each coat) topped with 3 thicker coats of paint (Again, let dry in between each coat). 

Step 3: Once all paint coats are dry, glue exterior panels onto the top of the backboard with chalkboard paint. Secure from behind with screws if needed. 

Step 4: {Not pictured} If desired, utilize two screws & wrap thick wiring around them in the back to provide a means for hanging. 

Step 5: Grab some chalk and enjoy!


  1. I'm dying to try this DIY! Thanks for posting

  2. Wow, I love giving gifts that are made with love. I'm sure they appreciated it much more than a store bought one!

  3. Such a great idea! I usually opt for making things myself because I love that sort of thing, unless it will be more expensive to do it myself. I have some martha stewart paint but had no idea she made chalkboard paint - I am going to check this out!


  4. This is so cool. I love receiving homemade gifts rather then store bought, I also prefer to gift homemade gifts rather than buying them. This turned out awesome!


  5. Love this terrific idea, it would be the perfect thing for when my friends and I sit down to play a game of dictionary.

  6. This is just so adorable and wonderful! I am IN LOVE! A fantastic idea my dear, I'm sure they loved it so much, most awesome gift ever! BRAVO!

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  7. Turned out great!! I really like-- did you want to make one for me!?!

  8. Oh, I love! I've been on the hunt for a cool kitchen chalkboard - and I came really close to buying one yesterday - but I felt like it was something I could easily craft. Clearly I can - and I'll be using your post as inspiration.


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