What's In A Name? {Part II}

Part II of this question {Read Part I here} is all about ze interwebs. It's no secret that social media plays a huge role in growing your site's traffic. It's also a key player in branding. From "retweets" to "pins", your social name is often a new reader's first introduction to your blog or brand. Thus, my friends, social is a big deal.

When I first started this blog last year, I didn't have many intentions for it beyond creating a place to share the things that I found, well, charming. "Isn't That Charming" was a statement/question I often said when describing eye-catching or unique finds, and so I made it my own. I created a Facebook page with my blog name, but that was the exception. The rest of my social accounts remained my personal name - "@EmilyVBeek" - for no reason other than that's what they always had been.

Though I manage the social accounts of major brands for a living, and name variations would be considered a huge branding "No-no", I didn't see the need to apply the same knowledge to my blog. I wasn't a "brand" and thus I didn't need to act like one. Right? Wrong-o.

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As ITC grows, I'm beginning to see all the potential that resides within it. It's no longer merely a creative playpen, it's become a mini business endeavor in which I have high aspirations and dreams for its growth. This ultimately means one key thing: I need to start treating it as a brand. As a marketing professional, I know this is the first step toward positioning it for continued success.

I took a step back and thought of social within this context, and how it plays into the ecosystem of the digital world. Personally, I'm more apt to remember someone's blog if their social accounts align with their blog name, especially if it's a first-time interaction. It helps to drive in recognition, especially given that in the social sphere, blogs are a dime a dozen.

With this in mind, I realized that "@EmilyVBeek" just wasn't cutting it for me anymore -- how were potential new readers on Twitter, Pinterest, etc. supposed to know that I was a blogger? You certainly can't assume people are going to go to your profile and dig around to get to know you. You have to make it really, really easy to be discovered.

And so, my friends, I have officially updated all my social account names. Facebook & Instagram are @IsntThatCharming, and Pinterest & Twitter are @IsntThtCharming {No "a" in "That". Grrr character count restrictions}.

With all that said, I know there's no right way to do it. Many bloggers have their social accounts as their personal names and are hugely successful.

And so, particularly for the readers who also have blogs, I pose the question to you. What's in a name as it relates to social? How do you position your social accounts? Do you view your accounts as an extension of your blogging brand? Are your @ handles your personal name, or your blog name? Are they consistent? If it's your blog name, what made you go with that approach? Do you find that it makes a difference?

101 questions. Go, go, go!


  1. Agree with you my dear. I'm only at the beginning with my blog but have actually made the name changes you're talking about recently. As you did, I used to have my first and last name in most social media platforms but made the change because of the same reasons. I'm not thinking of my blog as a brand, I'm just beginning as I said but I wanted to make it easier for other fellow bloggers to get in touch - that was my main reason. So yes, my accounts are named after my blog and they are all consistent (finally) and I think it's of great importance actually!
    Great post as always hun, really enjoyed it! ♥

    Liana x
    Dress Code Chic

  2. I made a facebook page with my blog name and changed my twitter + pinterest account to my blog name right away. I advertise those 3 accounts on my blog, and I hope that if readers are looking to get engaged more personally, they will add themselves into those communities.

    my insta is mine. It's my name and I don't advertise it on my blog. Because I have a handful of bloggers I follow on isntagram (like you!) a few of my blogging friends have found me there as well. It's pretty cool, but I think of that as my area for personal use ONLY. I don't talk about the blog there at all. It's just for me and friends and whoever happens to find me interesting by chance.

    With Luck Blog

  3. I have definitely wrestled with the idea of having separate social media accounts specifically for my blog, I appreciate your insight.

  4. I've been grappling with this idea for far too long -- I think it's time I follow suit and have everything on the same page.

  5. This is still such a struggle for me! I think I'm going to make the switch soon, but I'm still working my way to getting there :)

  6. This is a great article and I'm totally the blogger that uses my real name + blog name… my blog name is 'the kissing booth' but all of my social media is @SarahLagen because my blog name wasn't available! Every so often I check and see if it is, but until then I think I'm going to leave is separate!

    I liked this article, great post!

  7. I have most of my pages as my blog name or my name with part of my blog name in it...I hate the character restrictions as it makes this very hard to have a good continuation across the board, but I try. It's helped, but in some ways it has made no difference, but I do try to keep them generally the same, so people visually remember as sometimes that's what the difference is. Even if we take the name away sometimes, we can tell what the particular brand is...like a blue box, we think of Tiffany's, even if the name isn't on it. So, stuff like that does help :))) xx

  8. I also brand my own name as a freelance writer, so I try to keep my social accounts as my name. BUT I think this is a good idea for many bloggers


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