2013 According To Instagram

Want a fun way to review your year? Scroll through your Instagram feed. It tells a fairly complete story filled with visuals to match. My feed was filled with celebrations, travel, adventure, and fabulous people. All this was paired with the revelation that I can't function without my i-Phone. I'm not alone, right?

Here are a few favorites, and a little tale of how 2013 unfolded for yours truly...
Like every year, 2013 brought changing seasons.
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Through them all, I documented my style & fashion picks.
I pinched myself when Refinery 29 + New York Times featured a few looks.
Meeting a few stars was pretty rad, too!
Fun times were had with friends who I hold dear.
But, nothing compared to celebrating a few very special marriages.
...And, oh hey, I became a bride-to-be!
Time with family was plenty and we adventured to places like Palm Springs & Cape Cod.
I did a little exploring on my own, too.
I even got to know Chicago a little better while spending a lot of time outdoors.
Of course, all this was done with plenty of kicking back & relaxing along the way.
...There you have it, my year on Instagram in a nutshell. Be sure to follow along in 2014!


  1. looks like a fantastic year!! love these pics :) xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. Loved seeing your year in pictures! Have a great NYE!

  3. Lots of fun moments doll, I hope the New Year brings even more of them for you xx

  4. Happy new year, Emily!


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