Crafty Christmas :: DIY Chalkboard Paint Wine Glasses

"Is this my glass or your glass?" The amount of times I've asked that question at gatherings is uncountable. You know how it goes. Wine starts to flow, people start to mingle, you set your glass down for a moment, and  - BAM - the confusion starts. Everyone else just did the same thing. Jumbled glasses lead to picking up the one where the liquid most resembles what you remember, and now the party just got a whole lot more intimate.

This exact scenario is why these DIY chalkboard paint wine glasses are the gift that keeps on giving. Simply write your name on the bottom and no confusion will ever be had again. Best of all? They're so easy! Just grab some chalkboard paint (I used the leftover from this project), paint a few coats on the bottom, and you're done. Cheers!

PS - Tomorrow I'll show what you can do with those wine bottles after you've drank all the wine. And, in case you missed them, be sure to check out the other Crafty Christmas gift ideas {all 15 minutes or less}. 
Directions after the jump!

:: Materials ::
  • Wine Glasses
  • Chalkboard paint
  • Paint Brush
  • Chalk

:: Step 1 :: Paint the bottom of the wine glasses. Use multiple coats (be sure to let dry completely between coats). 

:: Step 2 :: Let dry.

:: Step 3 :: Write name with chalk and go mingle!


  1. You are the queen of cute crafts Emily!

  2. Such a good and simple idea! I hate when I miss place my glass at parties. It probably prevents a lot of waste as well, because if I can't figure out which glass is mine, I usually grab myself another drink. :/

  3. Super idea :) Very cool :) xx


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