Crafty Christmas :: DIY Gifts From Across the Web

The last Crafty Christmas post is dedicated to some of my favorite DIY projects seen across the web. Especially during this time of year, there's so much creativity out there, and it's beyond inspiring. Ready for a heavy-dose of eye candy?

:: Pictured Above :: Teacup candles {Martha Stewart} | Holiday Jewels & Baubles {Style Me Pretty} | Etched Wooden Spoons {Design Mom}

:: More Oh-So Fabulous DIY Gifts :: Crystal Bracelets {Thanks, I Made It} | Craft Gift Wrap Flowers {DIY Things} | Sew Your Own Mittens From A Sweater {A Beautiful Mess} | Etched Cutting Boards {Design Mom} | Mini Notebook from Cereal Box {Mandatory Creations} | Easy Sewing Cards {Mr Printables} | Glass Rose Vase {DIY Monster} | Gift Wrap Flowers {DIY Things} | Firefly Lamp {DIY Home Decor} | Firewood Tote {Whip Up} | Desk Organizer {Home Depot} 

In case you missed it, be sure to check out all the Crafty Christmas DIY gifts I whipped up this week!


  1. As someone who loves to cook those wooden spoons would be great gifts!

  2. I really wanted to try to DIY some of my gifts this year. Unfortunately, I just ended up buying everything! Between work and school I just didn't have the time. Hopefully next year I will get the chance to!


  3. Thanks for sharing all these wonderful ideas! Happy Holidays sweety!

  4. Loving the etched wooden spoons..so many great ideas to sift through! I'm off today and looking for something to do, so I may have to get to crafting :)

  5. So much fun inspiration this time of year! Merry Christmas! Hope you enjoy the next few days :)

  6. Remember when we had so much motivation to do a DIY Christmas....and then you did it and I failed miserably? Whoops! But in all seriousness, these are great ideas - and I loved your DIY's last week! xx


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