Crafty Christmas :: DIY Gold-Painted Wine Bottles

After you've drank the wine at said party, don't immediately resort to pitching the bottles. I have wine bottles that were handed down from my grandma, who used to keep them after nights that she wanted to remember. So, see? Not only are they unique decor additions for any room, but they have opportunity to hold sentimental value.

Plus, it's just so easy! In adhering to my "15 minute or less" Crafty Christmas promise, this DIY was a breeze. Honestly, the hardest part is removing the labels. After one frustrating attempt where even "Goo-Gone" didn't do the trick, I discovered a little tip: Dip the bottles in boiling water and the label will slide right off.

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Directions after the jump!

:: Materials ::

  • Wine bottles with the labels taken off 
  • Metallic gold acrylic craft paint {I recommend this by Martha Stewart}
  • Paint brush
  • Tape to line bottle 

:: Step 1 :: Line wine bottles with tape to ensure your paint lines are crisp and directed.

:: Step 2 :: Apply gold metallic paint. Multiple coats will be necessary - make sure you let dry in between.

:: Step 3 :: Once completely dry, remove tape from bottles. You're done!


  1. Gorgeous idea...I like it :) xx

  2. These are adorable! I love the gold and green combo!



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