:: "Sometimes, the risks we don't take are the ones we will regret."{The Daily Muse}
:: Speaking of taking risks, here's some great advice from a few start-up founders. {Mashable}
:: I received a lot of compliments when I paired polka dots with some neckline edge this week. {Isn't That Charming - Instagram}
:: Opposition to "Lean In" that's well worth the read. Ladies, take note. {Business Insider}
:: This cream crochet tunic is boho perfection. {Goodnight Macaroon}
:: Lizzie Valesquez, the "World's Ugliest Woman", happens to also be the most amazing. This video brought me to tears. {Clash Daily}
:: This week I crushed hard on Christine's "Satin In The Snow" look. {View From 5 ft 2}
:: Liz's thoughts on "What's Important" were transparent, open & inspirational. {Sequins & Stripes}
:: I printed this look for my fashion inspiration board. She's just so effortlessly good. {Song of Style}

Oh, hey, Friday. You took your time to get here, didn't you? In a hallway conversation, a coworker told me that this week is known as the most depressing of the year. Holidays are over, bank accounts are drained, people are returning to work after long breaks, and the weather is usually freezing at best. Check, check, check & check - yup, that notion is right in line with life right now.

While this week did feel super long, I've also had a recent motivational kick to get. things. done. which is exactly what I plan to do this weekend. There are a lot of fabulous projects in the works over here and I can't wait to share them with you. I hope you have a wonderful, relaxing & productive weekend!


  1. Have a gorgeous weekend doll! Let's get this week over since it's meant to be the most depressing & look to brighter days after. The more that go by, the closer we get to spring, haha!! :))) xx

  2. I watched that video the other day and it almost brought me to tears–she is so amazing and inspiring!

  3. That's great that you were able to find motivation…I'm still having such a hard time getting back into the swing of things!

    Wishing you all the best for the new year!


  4. I love those motivation links you posted... Needed those! :) Happy Friday!

  5. You always have really interesting article suggestions, I appreciate it because I have something to read on my weekend mornings!


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