Ugh. Is anyone else as tired as I am of being freezing cold all.day.long? This weather is just...Ugh. Don't get me wrong, winter has wonderful little moments that I wish I could bottle up and take with me all year. Fireside chats, silent snowy nights, and those days when sunshine and snow mingle perfectly are lovely reminders that it's not so bad after all. But I want flowers. I want to walk outside without a sharp intake of breath. I want to run on the lake. It's been too long.

One great thing about this weather is guilt-free lazy days. What's one to do when the outside air nearly causes frost bite? Nothing. Well, almost nothing. Catching up on favorite t.v. shows is something, and I absolutely consider that productive on a weekend. That and internet browsing. Here's a charming little roundup to get you through any "nothing" day you may encounter this weekend.

:: How cute is the heart patch on this sweater? Perfect for a casual Valentine's Day date. {ASOS}
:: My friend Kristen sent along this article on sleep, which is so interesting and eye-opening. (Err...eye-closing? Ha.) {BBC}
:: There's hope for me yet. Kate Middleton is just as awkward as the rest of us. {Huffington Post}
:: A simple winter entryway that's simply lovely. {Liz Marie Blog}
:: Upon finding this, Anna Kendrick became my new favorite person. {Anna Kendrick Twitter}
:: This black-tie look is perfect in every way. {With Love From Kat}
:: SJP launched a shoe line and it's every bit as amazing as you'd imaging. {The Coveteur}
:: This high schooler Instagramed himself as every U.S. President. {OhHeyItsChaz}
:: Comfy casual? Yes, please. {Somewhere Lately}
:: Psst - If you're not nervous, you're not growing. {Forbes}
:: These spunky salt & pepper shakers make for a fun gift. {Nordstrom}
:: A one-two-step! Go ladies, go. {Marie Claire}


  1. I most definitely am tired of winter...I just hope it won't linger around too long and just get on and over with. I miss Spring. Have a great weekend doll x

  2. I'm ready for spring too, but I loved getting a snow day!

  3. sooo over winter. and that wind today?!!? come on chicago!
    stay warm! xo

  4. Totally agree about the guilt-free lazy days. This weather basically gives me permission to lounge in my PJs all day long! Have a great (lazy) weekend!

  5. I think we'd all be besties with Anna Kendrick. Can't she just drink cocktails with us once?!

  6. I love Somewhere Lately! Those ladies make casual look so perfectly easy. Ps, being a style blogger is terrible right now. No outfit pictures because of this unbearable cold! Boo.

  7. I'll hold onto this cold weather as long as I can. I'm still dying to see snow in Atlanta! That hot chocolate looks delish!

  8. Loving that heart patch...and actually...this may sound annoying, but would love some cold weather here in So Cal. We're in a drought too!

  9. These are great - I love the Kate Middleton link! She's the cutest :)

  10. Thank you for the lovely links! Hope you had a great weekend! x


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