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Ah, good 'ol jeans. If I could live in them, I would. Let's be honest, I pretty much do. I'm not sure if it comes through on this blog, but I've always been a relaxed dresser when it comes to style. I'd much rather opt for comfortable, wearable items than fashions that require pulling (tights never stay up), scratching (I hardly ever do wool), hurt extremities (blisters are the worst) or self-inflicted suffocation (mini skirts give me mini panic attacks). Thus, jeans are always my first go-to when browsing my closet options, and for good reason. You can dress them up or down, and when you find a great pair, they truly last for ages.

Now, given my extreme love for jeans, one can presume that I've worn many a pair. One would be correct with this presumption. Which is why, when I find a really fabulous brand, I'm over the moon. The truth is that well fitting, stylish and comfortable jeans can be hard to find. For me, they're always either too short, long, stiff, "Cheap" feeling, expensive, or some odd mixture of it all. If I sound picky, it's because I am.

Remember that "over the moon" reference? I'm officially in space (Bad joke, sorry.) because along came Henry & Belle. I've seen the brand on fellow bloggers and even celebrities recently and was looking forward to trying out a pair. I'm not exaggerating when I tell you that they feel like yoga pants, look like a million bucks, fit perfectly, and are very well made. They're the kind of pair that fits like a glove and where you can tell they'll last for years. Better yet, a portion of every sale goes to charitable causes. Winning all around.

In the below pictures, I'm wearing their Super Skinny in Onyx-Contrast Thread. Isn't the color and fit seamless?
Outfit credit: Armani Collection blazer, Ivanka Trump Heels, Coach Purse, Henry & Belle Jeans

Their site is filled with lots of fabulous pairs, and I've selected a few of my favorites below. If you snag a pair (or two) be sure to let me know what you think!

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PS - If you're in Chicago, be sure to swing by The Blues Jean Bar from 6 - 8 pm to say hi to Maya and I! We're hosting a mid-winter shopping soiree and all jeans will be 20% off. (Yes, they carry Henry & Belle jeans!)

Reader disclosure: Henry & Belle kindly provided the pictured jeans to me. However, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands & products that partner with Isn't That Charming.


  1. cute jeans! i need to try those out. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  2. These are perfect on you–I love the wash and the fit!

  3. Thanks for the recommendation! I am definitely looking for some new jeans in my wardrobe!

  4. These jeans look awesome!

  5. Those jeans look amazing.

  6. These fit you perfectly! Finding the perfect pair of jeans is so tough!

  7. Those jeans are super cute!



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