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A few months ago, Zapwater introduced me to an entrepreneurial couple who started their own wedding app, WedSocial, a photo-sharing portal to capture the day's best moments in one stream. Jake and Ashley are their names, and we grabbed drinks while chatting about how they met, their recent move to the city, how he proposed (He surprised her one morning with a hot air balloon ride while watching the sunrise. Le sigh.) and how their engagement lead to the start of a business idea. They balance WedSocial on top of full time jobs and planning a wedding of their own - a power couple to say the least.

It turns out that congrats are in order because WeddingWire (one of my fave wedding planning sites) just acquired the WedSocial app. A fabulous job by all, and now you get to read all about how they started WedSocial from the beginning on ITC!

ITC: Your app is fantastic and such a great plus-up for brides & grooms. Tell us, how did the “big idea” come to you? What was the inspiration behind building the app?
Jake from WedSocial: Thanks! It was about a week after I proposed. Ashley and I were sitting on the couch talking about how we should start in to this whole process of planning our wedding. As a developer, apps are constantly on my mind, and I thought to myself, "Hey I wonder what kind of apps we could use for our wedding". At that point I fully expected that there would be apps out there that would solve our need. I was surprised to find that nothing existed that fully met our needs. So WedSocial started as a weekend project for our wedding and has obviously transitioned into so much more.

ITC: In 5 words, describe what it’s like working with your significant other.
Jake: It has its moments, mostly good.

ITC: How do you divide up responsibilities for your business?
Jake: When we first started into the business we had two developers, myself and Pat Lackemacher, building the product while Ashley handled all of our social media. We've since grown into a much larger team. We brought on a new COO with a lot of business development experience to help direct the business. The rest of the business has scaled up pretty quickly and we've brought in a number of awesome companies that specialize in social media, pr, seo, etc. to help us grow.

ITC: What are the top challenges of being entrepreneurs? How have you overcome them?
Jake: There's no roadmap. When you're venturing into something new like this there really isn't much direction. We have to constantly change and listen to what our users want. 

ITC: Any words of encouragement for those who have an idea and want to start it but aren’t sure how?
Jake: I think the biggest problem is that most people don't ever get past taking that first step. Your idea may be great, it may be awful, but you'll never know unless you try. You won't know everything when you get started, but you'll figure out how while you're building it.

ITC: Now for some wedding talk. In your opinion, what qualities make the most memorable wedding pictures?
Jake: We love a great candid shot. Any photo that is not staged and just in the moment is very beautiful.  Some the best (and sometimes funniest) photos are taken when people are caught off guard.

ITC: Between the WedSocial blog & app, you are surrounded by countless great ideas for weddings. What are some of the most creative “little touches” you’ve seen?
Jake: We love when weddings have thoughtful details that only those close to the bride and groom would understand. It can range from the song played at the first dance all the way to a special piece of décor on the table.  We hope our wedding is full of little touches that reflect our creative personalities.

A huge thanks to Jake & Ashley for taking the time to answer a few questions. Be sure to look out for big things to come with their recent partnership with WeddingWire!


  1. Love this! Such a brilliant business!! And what an amazing opportunity to partner with Wedding Wire! XO


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