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You guys. To say the past few weeks have been busy is the understatement of the year. Yes, I know we're only 8 days in, but it still counts. Not that I'm complaining at all, but you know that feeling when you need a vacation from your vacation? That's exactly where I'm at.

It started in our home state of Michigan, where we enjoyed time with our families. A few activities of note? Doug's family had an ugly sweater contest in which we won on account of the ridiculous onesies we bought for the occasion. They also came in handy when a huge ice storm came through and knocked out the power at my dad's house. We went ice skating in downtown Detroit, bowling, attended holiday parties with friends, had countless wine nights, and indulged in plenty of holiday treats.

Our next adventure was driving to Cleveland, where we stayed over night to make a red-eye flight to California the next morning. With Michigan State as our alma mater, we were ecstatic that they were playing in the Rose Bowl and even more excited when Doug's parents offered to bring us with them to cheer our favorite team on. We stayed in Oxnard, which has gorgeous beaches, and enjoyed some time in the sun before game day. In case you haven't heard, Michigan State won. It was amazing to be there in person!

From California, we flew back to Cleveland, where my family picked us up and we drove to Pennsylvania to surprise my brother for his birthday. He has a strict work schedule and wasn't able to make it home for Christmas, so when his girlfriend Kelley {Yup, the same one from Stylesmiths} organized the birthday surprise everyone immediately said, "We're in". The trip was short but sweet, and we were able to fit in skiing, dog sledding, skeet shooting, and lounging by the pool.

I have to say, our drive back was not so enjoyable. Blizzard "Ion" was hitting the Midwest and we drove through some very scary weather. When Doug and I arrived home to Chicago, we were in awe. Entire cars were are buried, the streets have more than a foot of snow, and the cold is bitter. Luckily work had a snow day on Monday so I was able to regroup a little and relax before kicking off the week.

Net, net - It was a fabulous few weeks. I feel beyond grateful to have been able to partake in so much fun and travel with all the people we love. But, as the saying goes, there's no place like home. It's good to be back!


  1. Wow, you really have made the rounds! I have to admit, I'm supremely jealous of the gorgeous beach time you had in Cali!

  2. Lots of travelling!! Oh to Michigan, wonderful. Am from there, though I haven't been home in some years!! I do not miss the snow, haha. Am glad you had a fun time xx

  3. you have definitely been a woman on the move! A lot of great memories I'm sure! Cheers to a fab 2014! HeartofChic.com

  4. I feel you! Traveling is HARD. I think we forget that a lot because it's so enjoyable- but I had over 2 weeks off from work over the holidays and between driving to and from both Florida and NY and having people over for Christmas and NYE, I came back to work more tired than when I left!

    Glad you made it home safely. Next time you're in the area, let me know!

  5. wow, sounds like a fun trip! totally here you though on needing another vacation to recuperate from your vacation :)

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  6. What fun you've been having! We cruised the Cali coast this year - isn't it amaze!? I'm so eager to go back! Happy New Year lovely :)

  7. OMG! You've been busy. What a fun way to start off the new year. Happy New Year, lady :)


  8. you have been super busy! but all fun things :) happy 2014! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  9. Wow, and I thought I was busy! That California weather looks amazing... Chicago, not so much haha!

  10. Wow what a couple weeks for you! Sounds like an amazing time overal - and those onsies are amazing!


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