#GoodHairDay with Panasonic

Ah, a good hair day. You know the feeling. Birds chirp a little louder, the sun rises to meet your path, neighbors greet you with warm smiles and a slight breeze ruffles your 'do ever so slightly, but you don't even mind, because nothing could mess up your fabulous look.

Okay, okay I know. This isn't a Disney movie and my slightly embarrassing tendency to belt show tunes late Saturday night with friends has skewed my vision. But you have to admit that when you're having a good hair day, the world seems a little brighter for even those who don't love Ariel or Belle.

Since I've cut my hair, my hairstyles have been more limited. I used to rock buns, messy braids, or big curls on the daily, but with 1/4 (no, really) of the hair to work with, I've gotten proficient at the blow-dried-and-down look. This proficiency has lead to another discovery: the tools you work with really make a difference. Which is why I'm excited to team up with Panasonic to offer an exciting giveaway to ITC readers!

Here's the scoop: Panasonic is offering one lucky ITC reader the below #GoodHairDay necessities guaranteed to make your next style one that's Disney-movie worthy. (My thoughts, not theirs. They probably think I'm a tween for writing that. They're right.)

The best part of the pack is the hair dryer and flat iron ($179.99 value each), both powered by their unique nanoe technology, which I've been using every day since first trying them out and am honestly questioning how I styled my hair without them. Also included is Moroccanoil Treatment, TRESemme Dry Shampoo and a boar bristle brush. 

To enter, tweet your own #GoodHairDay to Panasonic's new beauty-based Twitter account, @BeautyPanasonic and mention @IsntThtCharming! Following all the social goodness below will increase your chances. The winner will be chosen on Sunday, February 17. Good luck my dears!

Click the jump for a basic step-by-step on how I put together the above #GoodHairDay!

Reader disclosure: This post was facilitated in partnership with Panasonic. However, all opinions are my own. Thank you for supporting the brands & products that partner with Isn't That Charming.

Start with Moroccanoil Treatment. Place a dime-sized amount in your palm and evenly distribute throughout hair.
Break hair into sections and blow dry using the round brush for each section.
Once completely dry, smooth over hair with the flat iron. 
You're done! Go dazzle the peoples.


  1. You are so cute. love the last pic in this haha! LOVE YOU EM!

  2. Looks great, cute pictures xx

  3. You look great with short hair!

  4. You are a blow-dry pro! It took me so long to master the right technique (aka one that didn't leave me with hair the size of a small country) but I think I've got it down pat now!

    p.s. I love your robe. Like, love love.

  5. Totes amaze! Love the photos and awesome giveaway!

    Following on twitter as @SS_Dal & Instagram as ssfashiongirl007

  6. Your hair looks GOOD. Love the giveaway - I could use more good hair days in my life :) xx

  7. I recently cut my hair (about 7 inches) to be shoulder length and I agree- the ways to style hair are much more limited. And I do find myself straightening my hair more since it goes all funny when I sleep.


  8. Just entered the giveaway. Nice hair dryer! I am also running a giveaway on my blog. Please enter my giveaway too:

  9. Your hair looks great! The blow dryer looks like it is an incredible quality, definitely one I am going to look into.

  10. emily i have to tell you, your hair looks AMAZING! i haven't seen the new cut yet and i just love it. so healthy and chic :)

    Molly {Dreams in HD}

  11. awesome giveaway! i love your hair short :) xo jillian

  12. I Still ADORE your hair cut!!! It's so pretty on you!!

  13. I love a really good hair day! Your hair looks great!

  14. Hi Emily, I have already sent you an e-mail with a thank you for winning your giveaway, but I wanted to thank you on your blog too and encourage other people to participate in giveaways more. This is probably the second giveaway I ever entered in my life, so I am so pleased to win. It's always nice to feel lucky… :) Thank you so much!



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