Springtime Outfit Inspiration

Can warmer weather just get here already? I thought Chicago was on the up & up last week when we hit 30 degrees {which was basically tropical compared to this winter's norm} but yesterday 6 inches of snow hit us. Today it's supposed to be in the 40s, yee-haw! I like where this is headed, but in all honesty, if Chicago doesn't stop being such a moody b*$&% I may move. I'm half kidding.

To get me through this end-of-winter rut, I've been fawning over the below looks from my Pinterest board. I can't wait for the sunshine to stay out consistently and to leave boots & gloves in the closet during my morning "What should I wear?" routine.

What's on your agenda for Springtime fashion? Any trends you're excited to try? After looking at the below, I'm clearly crushing on chambray and feminine accents.


  1. Spring needs to just get here now. I say this as I'm staring at the extra 4 inches of snow we're getting today. Woof

  2. I have a tulle skirt that I never thought I would wear that has been in heavy rotation this year.

    And you can't move, not when I'm about to move down to IL!!

  3. Great inspiration! While you're dealing with the freezing cold we are over here basically in summer (90's) which is cool and all, but I fear what this summer has in store!

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  4. I can't handle the weather this year. Bring on the spring!


  5. So ready for shorts and dresses. I 'm cold over here in So Cal, I can't even imagine Chicago!

  6. I need spring. It's getting pretty depressing around here. It's supposed to be in the 40's at the end of the week and I'm already looking to my t-shirts to style to celebrate hahha

  7. that snow yesterday was BANANAS!
    so glad it's warming up... but wish i wore waterproof boots today.
    im MOST excited about ditching my garbage bag puffer coat. bring on spring!
    xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  8. I could do with spring as well already...I can't wait. This is great inspirations xx

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