Goodbye, March.

March, it's been real. 

{Clockwise from top} In the drudges of one of the coldest winters in history, I didn't think I'd ever see the sunshine again, but lately it's been out and about, proving that objects in mirror are closer than they appear. A major bonus is that the flowers have been out, if even in just a pretty little corner of my world. Work has been a bit nutty {Our team was written up in AdWeek!} and I've admittedly fallen behind on my personal emails and to-do's. Ug. This week I'm dedicated to catching up with one key all-star mantra in mind. Of course, among all the craziness there's always room for a little fun, as evidenced by a little Abe masterpiece that I whipped up thanks to the Windy City Bloggers. A bit of rain has fallen a bit, but on the upside, at least it's warm enough to do so. Besides, rainy days make the perfect opportunities to have a wedding invitation assembly line - ours are finally out the door! 

Be sure to follow along on InstagramApril has a lot of goodness on the horizon {Spoiler alert - today I get to see a private performance of Bastille - eek!} and I'll be taking snapshots along the way. xo


  1. I love Bastille! Enjoy, dear.

  2. Enjoy Bastille doll, they are fantastic guys :) xx

  3. So jealous you get to meet Bastille! What a fun last day of March :)

  4. The sun is one of the best sights right now :) happy Monday!!


  5. ummm awesome! i just bought their album -- on vinyl! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  6. PEACE OUT MARCH GOODBYE FOREVER. That's how I feel about it, haha.

  7. Love this post! Hope you are had a great time meeting Bastille!


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