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What better way to welcome a newborn baby girl into the world than with her first DIY inspired by the lyrics of Daughters? This craft was made for a little gal named Emma, who was born a few months ago and is my cousin's first child. As her "Auntie" (Ok, not biologically, but what do titles mean anyways?) I wanted to do something special and unique, and so I made her a little gift that she can always keep perched on a shelf or wall as a reminder that she is a colorful addition to many people's lives.
Instructions after the jump!

Materials:{3} blank painting canvases, decorative craft paper, glitter letters, and a hot glue gun.

:: Step 1 :: Cut the decorative craft paper to fit your canvas. Fold around edges and secure to canvas with a hot glue gun. Do this on all three canvases.

:: Step 2 :: Apply glitter letters, starting with the outside first and using a ruler to ensure the letters are straight and aligned with other canvases.

:: Step 3 :: Cut out flowers with a different craft paper than what you've put on the base of the canvases. Secure to canvases with the hot glue gun, surrounding the glitter letters. 

:: Step 4 :: To ensure that the letters and paper stays put, you can go over your canvases with clear-drying modge podge.


  1. That's so sweet...what a wonderful gift!! Congrats to your cousin as well :) x

  2. you are very handy in diy , keep it up great ideas u got my friend


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  3. such a sweet, sweet gift <3

  4. This is super adorable!

  5. This is so cute and super creative. I love it!


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