ITC Interview :: Summer Thornton Design {Part II}

In Part II {Catch Part I here} of Summer Thornton's interview, she takes us from entrepreneur talk to practical design advice for us all. Ready to take notes? Spoiler alert: You may need to say "See ya later" to the minimalist design trend right now. No tears? Good.  

ITC: Any thoughts on how to jazz up a small space on a low budget?
Summer: Go big or go home!  Don’t be afraid to take a risk & have fun with it.  Shop vintage stores, estate sales, your grandmother’s basement to find things with character and patina.  Leave IKEA to the amateurs!   Leverage your creative friends – if you know a photographer whose work you like ask them for a deal on a print, if your friend is a graphic designer ask them if they’ll create a cool poster for you, etc.  Tight budgets may not allow you to have a luxury look, but you can definitely create something bohemian, modern, or quirky.  Most importantly though, a space should be personal.  That’s the reason my husband's dental molds are displayed in my dining room china cabinet.  His mom is continually disturbed by this!  

ITC: What is the one key takeaway to keep in mind when designing a room?
Summer: The only person that needs to like the space is the person who will live in it.  Don’t worry about what other people will say or think – if you like quirky prints and artwork, put up tons of them and OWN IT!   The more fun you have with your space, the more people will respect you for being true & real.  Plus, when you have a dinner party it’ll give everyone something to talk about.  Love it or hate it, at least it isn’t un-original!  

ITC: Any design pet peeves?
Summer: I hate it when a color scheme is too exact.  The exact same shade of green in the drapes and on the pillows, etc. etc. There’s no need to have the exact same shade in everything.  Nature doesn’t look like that – think of all the different shades of greens in plants alone- so why should your home be limited to a specific ‘color palette’?

ITC: Finish the below sentences.
ITC: My favorite place to shop is ___.
Summer: Oh man, I guess if the budget were unlimited it would Greenwhich Living in Connecticut and Palm Beach Antique and Design Center in West Palm Beach.  These two stores are consistently my absolute favorites, and of course they sell vintage and antique pieces.  My favorite local place to shop is Jayson Home, they have a great mix of antique, vintage and new and the staff there is amazing.

ITC: This spring, I’m loving ____.
Summer: Pastels.  I would love to have a really feminine client who is into doing an entire house like a box of macaroons!

ITC: I can’t wait for ____ to go out of style.
Summer: Minimalism. Clean, yes. Minimal, no.

ITC: I can’t wait for ____ to come back into style.
Summer: The 80’s!  There was no excess like the 80’s and you’ve got to love it.  

ITC: When I’m not interior designing, I’m _____.
Summer: Playing with my daughter India, watching Bravo-lebrity TV, or planning my next vacation!

A huge thanks to Summer and her team for taking the time to do this interview! Keep up with her on Facebook, Twitter & Pinterest. In the meantime, remember one key thing, ITC readers...

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  1. Wonderful post...love this first picture, amazing space. Have lovely Easter xx


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