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:: I had a little reminder that we're all *best when chilled* while sipping on lemonade from Pret recently. Indeed, we are, and thus I've been trying to keep a level head with only 2 weeks until the wedding left. It's all coming together nicely, but there are lots of DIY touches left to do! I'll be tackling a lot this weekend with my worker bees - all 4 of my parents are coming in town. They definitely get the *Emiloug stamp of approval* for being such a big help. {If you're looking for a fun present - get a personalized stamp! My MOH Jess gave it to Doug and I at our shower and I've been using it non-stop.} Don't worry, we'll be sure to enjoy wine on restaurant rooftops and delicious brunches in between the crafting.

:: This week I got a fabulous taste of summertime - it was perfect on Wednesday. There's nothing like warm nights where you can sit outside and enjoy the company. If you're in Chicago, you must swing by Homeslice, their outdoor patio comes with a side of amazing scenery like that *Be Awesome* sign pictured above.

:: For your browsing pleasure :: My most recent contribution for Wedding Party talks about celebrity-inspired hairstyles for brides. Which is your favorite? :: This man's wife leaves him notes around the house. Only they're vulgar. And hysterical. {Warning - they're not PG!} :: Coconut oil is a miracle worker. :: Target + Altuzarra = Excited Emily. :: People who love their lives do these 10 things differently. :: This dietician's perspective on nutrition trends was super interesting. :: Don't miss a post! This week I recapped my Madewell event and garden-themed bridal shower, and showed you the most fabulous dress I've ever worn.


  1. Tiny vulgar unicorn. Hilarious!

  2. Ahhh only 2 weeks left, that is crazy! But you will be getting married just when the weather is finally getting beautiful! Love that stamp too, what a creative idea!

  3. omg that stamp!! SO fun! xo

  4. That stamp is UNbelievable!! Such a good gift!!

    aka Bailey

  5. Absolutely love the personalized stamp. Such a great gift idea!


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