Shore Things from Madewell

You know you're in the right store when you walk around and want everything in it. It's almost a black out moment while perusing - all of a sudden you look down and your arms are filled with draped items waiting to be tried on as you wonder how they got there. Not that you mind, of course. And not that I minded when this exact scenario happened last weekend at Madewell.

You see, Megan and I co-hosted an event at their Oak Brook store on Sunday and spent quite some time surrounded by their chic, laid back vibe. We styled our own mannequins, picked out favorites for customers to shop, and even enjoyed a few macaroons while mingling {Special shout out to Maya, Tomissa & Maria}. Walking around there is like being transported to a far-away destination. I could just hear the waves. Consider me inspired for my honeymoon!
Can you guess which mannequin was mine?
The lemon ones were to. die. for.
The original inspiration board.
Olivia {Madewell Events Manager}, Megan and I
Can I please have them all?
For those that couldn't make it, below are a few favorites. If my wallet was bigger, I would have walked home with them all, but I opted for their denim boy shorts, anglestack necklace & beadtwist necklace instead!

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  1. I always love the vibe of Madewell–everything is so cool, low key and stylish. I definitely need to pop into their store in SoHo soon. Congrats on hosting what I'm SURE was an awesome event!

  2. Looks like it was a great event. I love your picks!

  3. I loved hanging out with you and Megan. Such a fun, fun event!

  4. Its a good thing Im not in the store - I would buy it all!


  5. You aren't kidding when you said everything in the store is perfect! So many great options for summer!

  6. It was so fun seeing and shopping with you! You two are the best :) xx

  7. Looks like a great event, great styling, want that Comme Ci tee!
    Simona/OFF DUTY


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