Go Ahead and Splurge.

When the work day is done and I’m ready to head home, there’s one outfit staple that I rely on day in and out to take me into the after hours: My messenger bag.
It’s sturdy, season agnostic, fits everything from a computer to a camera, and is adorably vintage-looking. All this combined has made it, hands down, the most worn item that I own. I tote it every day, to and from work, and my love for it only grows the more I use it.
Not bad for an Australian flea market find, huh? It’s funny, because I remember contemplating purchasing it when I was vacationing in Sydney years back. On one hand, I loved that it was handmade from a local farmer. On the other, it was slightly out of my price range and guilt was looming over my hand, clutching my credit card. Ultimately, the devil on the left side of my head was louder than the angel on my right and I took the plunge.
All this is to say that, particularly when you’re on a trip, sometimes it’s worth it to splurge. If you love it enough, that item is probably worth the investment. My messenger bag is the perfect case in point.

Don’t think this post is a coincidence as I peruse the streets of Puerto Rico. I’m ultimately writing this so that, when I return from my honeymoon tonight with the inevitable “I had to have it” purchase, I don’t feel so bad.

And with that I’d like to pass along a note to my future self: It was totally worth it.

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  1. I have such a hard time committing to a big purchase when I know there's not the option of returning it (should buyer's remorse sink in! It looks like it will last for years to come :)

  2. I love those jeans! They look like they fit so comfortably!


  3. love that bag AND your jeans!! perfect cut + fit. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  4. exactly! That bag IS perfect though! Also,I love the belt!(:

  5. Love this bag! I have a Longchamp that I carry to and from work most days, but it's definitely wearing out. I'd love to invest in something similar to this soon!

  6. Really nice bag! Also, what brand of jeans are those? They look great!

    All That Glitters


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