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Insecurities. We all have them. My personal insecurities are not something that I typically dive into on this blog, particularly because I like to keep it a happy haven that’s focused on the positive. However, I do recognize the importance of being honest about myself, so when Maya organized a group of bloggers to unite about our personal insecurities, I welcomed it with open arms.

Often, what’s portrayed online is not an accurate depiction of real life, and I’d love to share with you one of the things that causes me to be less than confident, particularly in regards to blogging. This is not a fish for compliments or a self-bashing seminar – it’s simply aimed to be open and truthful about the realities of insecurities and that everyone has them, no matter how big or small, particularly as it relates to beauty.

My chosen topic: Wrinkles.

Aging is such a blessing, but when it comes to beauty, it can be hard to accept. With my 28th birthday freshly behind me, I see signs of aging starting to appear. One area that I have insecurities about is my forehead. I’ve always been an expressive individual, and when I talk my forehead is constantly used. These expressions and a deep love for sunshine has inevitably led to (what I perceive as) deeper wrinkles than other women my age.
A recent outfit post outtake in which forehead wrinkles (and a zit or two - eek!) can be seen.
This all probably sounds so silly, because in reality I’ve been told that my wrinkles are hardly noticeable. (Yes, I’ve stalked my loved ones about the topic.) In photographs, most of the time the lighting is forgiving and you can’t really tell, but it’s definitely something that I am aware of, particularly when I post outfit photos.

Though I am relatively young, I do think that wrinkles are something that many women my age (and older!) can relate to. The transition from early-twenties-and-no-wrinkles-in-sight to late-twenties-and-uh-oh-they’re-showing can be tough. It’s the first time I’ve had the “Oh, crap…I’m aging” thought. Before, it never even crossed my mind.

When I’m feeling insecure about the topic, I remind myself that aging is natural and beautiful. I admire women who age with grace, and even as my wrinkles start to show more, I try to keep in mind that it’s not a bad thing. In fact, though I perceive them as flaws on myself, I see wrinkles as beautiful on others. Isn’t it funny how that works? Everyone tends to be their own harshest critic, and I’m sure that in my case this is occurring as well. I also keep in mind that wrinkles are hardly ever something that I notice on other people, so why would that be something that others notice about me?

I also dabble in facial creams. No shame there. I recently started using Atralin, which is a vitamin-A based gel that helps your skin renew itself. It was prescribed to me before my wedding to help with acne (a whole other area of insecurity), but to my pleasant surprise it also helps with fine lines. I've definitely seen an improvement! Do you have other creams that you like? I'd love to hear your recommendations.

I’m proud to be a part of something that’s bigger than just Isn’t That Charming while joining with this movement. The more we share, the more we empower one another to love our “flaws” that really are not flaws at all, and I hope that by opening up about one of my beauty insecurities, I’ve helped you (even if in a small way) to embrace your own. Be sure to swing by Maya’s blog to check out the link up of other bloggers who’ve joined in on the Real Blogger Beauty movement today. There are some amazing stories being told.


  1. I have really been enjoy reading these stories! I came across yours on Maya's blog and I am so happy I did! You're absolutely stunning and I admire your story! You look amazing and I know so many others would agree! :)

    xoxo Teresa

  2. you are beautiful emily! i love this post and im glad that you arnt devestated about wrinkles -- i noticed im getting a few around my eyes. Bummer but not the end of the world! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  3. I see so wrinkles there lady! But I totally understand- society has made us think that every little flaw on our face is a problem and we should spend our money and time focusing on eliminating it. Also, wrinkles can come from smiling a lot (isn't that unfair and cruel!?)

  4. Emily, you are amazing. I love how honest and open you are, not just in this post, but in real life, and I have so much respect for that. Now that I'm past 30, I definitely see my skin changing and things looking different than they used to. :) It can be difficult to accept sometimes, and your post was really refreshing--and comforting--to read. Thanks for sharing all of that with us!

    ~ M ~

  5. I've recently started to struggle with this as well. I'm noticing the true damage my years of fun in the sun have caused and it's easy to become self conscious. I'm going to look into that gel you mentioned and I'll keep you posted if I find any miracle workers! You have beautiful skin and the smile to match - remember that!

    26 and Not Counting

  6. i love reading everyone's posts and how they interpreted the real blogger beauty theme! so far i don't notice wrinkles on myself, but i have started to notice sunspots which i really dislike and am trying to erase/prevent more of. we all have our skin things, don't we?

  7. When I started noticing my own fine lines, I immediately thought, "oh shit, I'm getting old". But then I realized that lines, fine or otherwise, are the result of expression, and without them etched into my face, I never would have experienced the joys, sorrows, fears, or other emotions that I have in my life. I'm grateful for my lines, both current and future, because they mean I'm LIVING :) I think you're beautiful, lines and all. Stay expressive and continue to be who you are!

  8. I, too, have forehead wrinkles and smile line wrinkles that I also started noticing in my late 20s. I'm still a bit insecure about them but they're part of who I am so why should I worry? I wanted to be 30 because I thought it would mean people would take me more seriously. I bet they'll take me even more seriously now that I have wrinkles!

  9. thanks for sharing emily!!! i know there are things we only see in ourselves & it is refreshing to remember it doesn't matter :) hope you're having the best week of your life post wedding & can't wait to see you soon! xox

  10. I love this post! My fine lines are something I've become increasingly self-consicous about, but then there is the other part of me, the rational part, that knows they are beautiful. Thank you so much for sharing, you are absolutely beautiful inside and out!!

  11. You are such a hottie and I love this post. You are gorgeous, and wonderful, and I'm so thankful to have you in my life! xx

  12. I am 29 and have started noticing the lines on my face more in the last couple of years. I too have to remind myself that aging is a natural part of life! The best we can do is take great care of our skin henceforth - sunscreen, lots of water, and moisturizers with great ingredients :)


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