Jurassic Park (Minus the Dinosaurs)

Allllll aboard! Next stop on the Isn't That Charming Tour de Puerto Rico: El Yunque National Rainforest. {In case you missed it, come explore Old San Juan!} I'm your travel guide and am here to answer all your pending questions.

What do I bring? Water shoes, a bathing suit and your backpack. Forget the canisters - you can drink straight from the source. What about bug spray? Leave it at home. I typically get attacked by misquotes, but didn't get a single bite in the rainforest. What should I expect? Long hikes filled with breathtaking views, the freshest air you've ever inhaled, and unexpected waterfalls to jump into. It's common to feel like you've been transported to Jurassic Park, so when the feeling hits you, don't be alarmed. Jurassic Park?! Are there dinosaurs!? Don't be ridiculous. 

You have me convinced. Where should I stay? Casa Cubuy. It's an adorable, rustic ecolodge right in the heart of the rainforest. Our view overlooked tree-lined mountains, and we were steps away from a huge waterfall with a swimming hole that we started our morning with. Sounds pretty awesome. It was. We even slept with our room's exterior doors open all night, listening to the sounds. It was amazingly tranquil. Will I ever want to leave? Never. Seriously. Doug and I were talking about running a bed and breakfast by the time our stay was over. 

Writing this post made me super anxious to go back! I can honestly say that pictures don't do this place justice. It was so beautiful and exploring the area was such an adventure. Speaking of adventure -- check in tomorrow, when I'll highlight a travel companion that helped to make our trip complete!


  1. I think I mentioned my serious case of wanderlust before - this isn't helping! Did you have special shoes you wore for the adventure?

  2. That is gorgeous! What a beautiful place. You really do think that a dinosaur might make a debut!

  3. This place is BEAUTIFUL! Every inch of your experience seems to take your breath away!

  4. This looks amazing–and that hotel room (and that VIEW) is to die for. What an incredible place for a honeymoon!

  5. Looks amazing - I'd love to have that view from my bed!!

    aka Bailey


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