Like A Girl

When I hear the phrase "Like a girl", The Sandlot immediately comes to mind. You know what I'm referring to, right? It's the scene where two competing boys baseball teams come face-to-face and start throwing jabs at one another. "You play ball like a GIRL!" is said with emotions running high and - gasp - it's the worst possible insult that could have been used. {To help jar your memory, here's a refresher.}

I remember repeating that quote all the time when growing up. It was my go-to when trying to keep up with playful banter, especially when tagging along with my brothers during sporting endeavors. I'd laugh, say the "dreaded" words, and continue to play with the boys because I knew that my {not so original} insult got them good. And when it was used against me? I'd feel a mix of shame and motivation to be a better athlete while thinking, "Shoot, I do play like a girl!"

I've honestly never thought of the phrase as anything other than silly nonsense until I watched the below commercial. After watching the spot, it hit me that I've been using "Like a girl" the wrong way for basically my whole life, and to be honest, it made me a little sad. "Oh my gosh, I'm such a girl!" has been used by me more often than I'd like to admit, specifically when describing my role in a sport that I may not be the best at. I know I'm not alone in this tendency, as I've heard this term be used quite often. It's all in good humor, right?

The video has a good question: When did "Like a girl" become an insult? It's been used so frequently that we've become numb to what we're really saying. We've become numb to what we're teaching girls, and ourselves, about self-perception. We're setting a negative tone for how women in general should be viewed.

Next time I say, "Like a girl", I want it to be in the context of being confident. I am a girl, and I'm proud of it. Even if I can't throw a baseball further than first base.


  1. This is a great post. As women, we definitely don't give ourselves enough credit.

  2. I hate that the "like a girl" phrase is used in so many different negative ways. You play like a girl. You talk like a girl. You're crying? Such a girl. Our culture views traditional masculine roles (like strength) as a positive and traditional feminine roles (like strong emotions) as a negative. It's such a poor way to look at gender & individual characteristics. Can women not be strong? Can men not have emotions? I really have a hard time seeing how separating men and women into these kinds of categories can do anything positive for our culture or for us as individuals.

    1. Amen, sister! I absolutely agree, so well said!

  3. Everything about this is so true. #girlpower!

  4. Great post + great message, babe.

    I used to wear this t-shirt when I was in elementary school that had a soccer ball blasting through a net and had the phrase, "Kick like a GIRL!" emblazoned on it. All girl-power, rah-rah style. And I loved it! Was a positive spin on the "You kick/throw/play like a girl" we all heard growing up. :)



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