Stone + Cloth

While Doug and I were traveling {In case you missed it, visit Old San Juan & El Yunque National Rainforest with us} there was a sidekick that helped make our adventure seamless & more enjoyable.

Before I introduce you to this accomplice, let me back up for a moment. I'm usually that girl while traveling. With a serious overpacking problem, there's typically not a bag large enough to hold my assortment of "necessities". That tourist running into people on the street while picking up my fallen sunscreen from the ground, asking passerby's for directions as a result of losing my map, all while fumbling simultaneously for my camera? Yup, that's me. How annoying, right?

Not this trip, thanks to my Stone + Cloth backpack. It held everything from maps and water bottles to lipstick and my DSLR, giving a refreshing new meaning to "hands free" travel for me. It's light weight, durable and has a perfectly nautical design, making it ideal for both Doug and I to carry while climbing rocks, dipping toes in sand and perusing city streets.
Better yet? It's American-made, and by wearing one, you're helping to carry an education. Every backpack purchased helps to provide scholarships for students in need.

I am personally proud of the brand, not just because it stands for an amazing cause, but because the founder and I went to high school together! It's been so cool to see Stone + Cloth grow and I was beyond excited to help spread the word further by featuring them on Isn't That Charming.

Help carry an education on your next adventure and grab the backpack pictured above here. You can also find additional options at the Stone + Cloth online store!


  1. I love supporting brands that benefit a good cause. It makes buying the product that much more pleasing :)

  2. This is a really cute pack with an even better cause! I have a backpack that I used for school, but this one is much more stylish... just might have to invest!

  3. Such a cute backpack! It's the perfect size and Iove the stripes!


  4. This backpack is adorable...definitely beats my dorky North Face one! I love the stripes.

  5. Love love love! You're adorable. End of story.


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