Practice Makes Perfect

As the saying goes, "Practice makes perfect." Our practice round for the wedding day was filled with laughter, {happy} tears, and trying to walk on grass with heels {Yup, I tripped.} Here's all about it!

Psst - Next week is Wedding Week on Isn't That Charming! I'll be sharing photos + all the details about our wedding day for the first time on the blog. Can't wait!
The rehearsal started at Willow Harbor Vineyards, which was the site of our ceremony and reception. In lieu of wearing white, I opted for a hot pink Kate Spade dress, which was on loan from Maya. {Oh heeey, ur da best!} Paired with a statement necklace and silver heels, it was a match made in heaven. Very fitting for practicing getting married, ya?

After the ceremony rehearsal at the vineyard, our wedding party headed over to the Acorn Theater, which is a quaint venue full of character right in the heart of Three Oaks.

When searching for the rehearsal dinner location, Doug and I took to the streets and walked around Three Oaks, looking for a place that would hold the size of our wedding party but also embody the rustic, whimsical nature that we wanted to have consistent throughout our wedding. As soon as we saw this theater, we knew it was "The one". Ivy-lined walls were only the beginning - the interior had cool vintage pianos, wooden ceilings decorated with twinkling lights, and our favorite part, a stage for speeches.

Photos above via the Acorn Theater website

Doug was in charge of the menu, which ended up being a pig roast and lots of delicious Hawaiian-themed side dishes. His mom was so sweet and decorated the entire venue with little "Emiloug" accents. There was a poster of Doug and I for guests to sign, salt water taffy favors at every place setting {Doug and I have a major addiction}, wild flowers from the same organic florist that did our wedding, and even a poster of Doug and I in a "Love Actually" movie poster setting to tie in the theater with my favorite movie. {Thanks to Katie, Jess and Dar for grabbing the below photos!}

I was already blown away by all the thoughtful touches, and then my co-maids of honor took it all a step further. As we were eating, all of a sudden a large screen unfolded on stage, and up popped a movie that they made for Doug and I. The movie had pictures of the two of us throughout the years, and every person at the rehearsal dinner recorded themselves giving us well wishes. My step-brothers even made up their own song for us.

With that, I'm sure you can guess what happened. Water works. I literally was so shocked, appreciative and honored that I could barely watch the movie because I was crying happy tears. Good thing I now have a copy of all those sweet speeches on video to enjoy over and over again!

The rest of the evening was an emotional, happy, exciting blast. We left the theater will full bellies and went to a local New Buffalo bar called Casey's, where all the guests that were in town met up and enjoyed drinks and mingling on the back patio.

Don't worry, I was whisked away when the clock struck midnight. The rest of the wedding tale will unfold next week, so be sure to check in!


  1. I'm so excited for wedding week! You looked amazing in that pink dress :)

    26 and Not Counting

  2. Can't wait to see the photos next week! The rehearsal look like lots of fun and was so pretty!


  3. You look amazing together lovely rehearsal xxx
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  4. beautiful! i cant wait to see more wedding photos! xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. what an AMAZING venue. And my eyes are filling up just thinking about the video you received. What a sweet gift!

  6. looks like an absolutely gorgeous rehearsal!
    can't wait to see all your photos next week.

  7. You are so dang adorable -- can't wait to read more. :)

  8. What an amazing rehearsal dinner! I love that you opted for a hot pink dress. Our ribbon bouquets are eerily similar, too. :) Can't wait to see the rest!

  9. You look great! That pink dress really makes you pop. Congrats!

  10. yes you are right practice makes a perfect :D and congrats both of you

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