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Next up on Wedding Week: All about the ladies and men who made our day beyond special. We were truly surrounded by the best friends and family anyone could ask for, which is a pretty kick-ass way to start your marriage, if you pardon my french. There's really no feeling like marrying the love of your life while those who mean most to you stand by your side. There's also no one better to politely tell the bride that she has food in her teeth or help her go to the bathroom, so for that I give a virtual high five to all my bridesmaids on behalf of being awesome.

{Psst - In case you missed it, here's how I popped the question to my bridesmaids!}

If you've been following Isn't That Charming for a while, you know that I had a very difficult time narrowing down options at first. You see, Pinterest made my head want to explode with glitter and new ideas, so imagine my dilemma when trying to give direction to my maids on what dress to wear. The truth is that, beyond everyone feeling comfortable and liking their dress, I truly didn't care what they wore as long as it was within the color scheme. So I proceeded with the following direction: Get it, girls! Well, that and I asked for the dresses to be above the knee and either blush, champagne or nude. The end result was a mismatched mixture of soft, feminine dresses that were right on point with my vision. They know me so well.

As for jewelry, minimal was key. Part of my gift to them for being in the wedding were Sparkle Stud Earrings from Banana Republic, which were great because they looked lovely with every dress, and are also wearable after the wedding. #TwoBirdsOneStone

Because the bridesmaids were mismatched, we wanted to make sure that when the groomsmen and bridesmaids were together, there was a layer of consistency throughout. Suiting up the groomsmen was the perfect way to do this. They were dapper gentlemen in gray suits, white shirts and gray gingham ties from Etsy. I admittedly wasn't sure about the gingham at first, but I ended up loving how the pattern played up the rustic, outdoor vibe of our wedding. They looked pulled together but still were comfortable, which was ideal for everyone. A part of Doug's gift to the guys was a personalized initial tie clip and pocket square that every guy in the wedding party wore.

Reader note: Please excuse the band pose and "running through the vineyard" shots below. We went into the day knowing that 2 - 3 "serious" poses was the max we'd get from the guys before the mocking began. I think those should be the ones I frame, ya?

Together, they were quite a good looking crew. I love how the gray provided a nice offset for the light colors of the bridesmaid dresses, and most of all, I love that everyone felt comfortable. Can we get a collective round of applause for the #Emiloug wedding party? Here, here!

I'd be remise to talk about the wonders of our wedding party while leaving out the most important part of it: Our parents. Like the bridesmaids, the moms chose their own dresses, with the only ask from me being that they were long so that they'd stand apart from the rest. The dads wore suits with the same matching grey gingham tie as the groomsmen. Don't they all look fabulous?


  1. gorgeous wedding party! I LOVE grey suits!

  2. I loved the idea of different dresses in the same shade/color- so pretty!

  3. Simply beautiful, all of it. xo

  4. i love all of your bridesmaid dresses! they look great together. xo jillian - cornflake dreams

  5. I love that you had the bridesmaids all wear different dresses. Different shades of the colors looks so soft and effortless, yet cohesive. Plus, they can wear those dresses again! (As my collection of past bridesmaids gowns that I'll never wear again grows)

  6. I'm really loving the trend of letting all the girls wear different dresses in the same color scheme. I was just a bridesmaid in a friend's wedding who let us choose our own minty colored dress, and it ended up being beautiful when all the dresses were together.


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